Hello, I’m Emily. I’m 19 years old and need something else to do with whatever time I’m not spending at my incredibly mediocre retail job doing things that I feel are more fulfilling. Or at least that’s the thought process I’m going with at this point. I have an intense love and interest in creative things. I love making art – I mainly draw and take photographs. I absolutely love fashion. Film and novels are another two things that I love. Pretty much any method of expressing yourself in a creative way, I love it. I’ve been interested in blogging for quite sometime, and looking at other peoples blogs  always got me feeling super inspired, but the idea of having my own and committing myself to writing, creating and posting seemed so daunting. But now it’s done and I feel as though I owe it to myself to at least try and make something out of it. So here’s to my burst of inspiration and to me hoping I will actually make something out of it!

(this first attempt at a blog post is definitely not something I can confidently say I’m proud of, but you have to start somewhere, right?)

p.s. here’s a couple of photos of me in pink pants in a pink bathroom to start us off on the right foot


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