Lately I’ve been buying and trying out quite a bit of new skincare, so I thought I might as well share my thoughts on the things I’ve been using recently. I’m pretty sure none of these products are new releases, so they’re just new to me (not new in general). Also I think it’s important to note that I have combination skin, which can get a bit oily but these days stays more or less normal for the most part.




I’ve only been trying out two new cleansers lately, the first one being the Trilogy Make-Up Be Gone Cleansing Balm. I bought this cleansing balm in the hopes that it would be similar to the Clinique cleansing balm but cheaper, but I definitely don’t like it anywhere near as much. For me the major problem with this cleansing balm is that it doesn’t melt down from a balm into an oil consistency. If you’ve ever tried the Clinique balm you’ll know what I mean by this. This was definitely the first thing I noticed when I used the Trilogy balm, as you’re massaging this over your makeup it doesn’t feel like it’s breaking it down as effectively as it should be and you can feel it like another layer on your skin. When you buy the Trilogy balm it comes with a natural cotton face cloth which in my opinion is totally necessary if you want this to remove makeup effectively. With this cleansing balm you NEED to wipe it off with some sort of face cloth, it can’t just be rinsed off with water. If you don’t wipe off this balm all of the makeup and residue that you’ve been trying to remove from your face will stay on top of your skin, and that’s why I sadly haven’t been enjoying using it

However, I’ve also been trying out Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel by La Roche-Posay and I have been loving this. It’s formulated for oily sensitive skin, so it isn’t too harsh on my skin but it stills works on any excess oil I have. I feel like this is one of those products that at first you can’t really tell if it’s working or not, but after using it over time my skin has had so many less little blemishes and spots. I love that this, even though it’s made for people with oily skin, hasn’t felt as though it’s drying out my skin at all when I’ve been using it. For anyone with skin similar to mine I would 100% recommend it.


Just like with the cleansers, I’ve also been trying out two moisturisers. However, unlike the two cleansers I’ve been loving both of these. The Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream is a perfect night cream for me, or for days when I feel like my skin just needs something a bit heavier. It’s texture is so smooth and light, but it definitely is very hydrating and sinks into the skin quickly and so nicely. The only reason that I don’t use this as my one and only is because with my skin type sometimes it just unnecessary. That’s where the other moisturiser comes in. For most mornings and also the nights when I just want something lighter on my face I have been loving the Avene Hydrating Serum. Even though it’s described as a “hydrating serum for dehydrated skin” I have been loving this as a moisturiser instead of a serum. This gives my skin the perfect amount of hydration for everyday, especially when I use it in the mornings. It sinks into the skin so perfectly, but your skin doesn’t feel like it’s had nothing put onto it either. As a general rule I always prefer to use a slightly more heavy moisturiser for the night time and then something lighter in the mornings, so these two for me have been a perfect combination.


As well as trying to find myself some new favourite everyday skincare bits, I’ve also been using a couple of new treatments and stuff of that nature.  Recently a new Korean beauty counter has opened up near me and apart from the masses of single sheet masks I’ve bought from there (which are all very good) I also picked up the Neo Gen Dermalogy Bio-Peel+. These are a pack of little pads which essentially allow you to do your own facial peel. After taking off the plastic label which was written in English and being left with only Korean on the packaging, I can’t remember what these pads (more specifically the lemon ones which I bought) claim to do, but I can say that I’ve been liking to use these maybe 2-3 times a week and my skin feels so extremely smooth and lovely afterwards which gives them my approval.

The Rodial Super Acids X-treme Hangover Mask is the mask that I have loving and constantly reaching for ever since I bought it. Like the bio-peel pads, I’ve been using this mask about 2-3 times a week and I have honestly noticed a difference in my skin. My skin doesn’t get a lot of big pimples but I can be pretty prone to getting little bumps and blackheads in my t-zone, and after using this consistently I have definitely been getting them less and less. My skin feels so clean and fresh after I use this, but it never feels like it’s been stripped. I would absolutely recommend this mask for anyone with skin similar to mine, or prone to little imperfections. Super impressed.

The last little bit I’ve been using for the last couple of weeks is the Super Spot Remover by Origins. The bottle for this product is absolutely tiny, but don’t let that throw you off buying it because it honestly packs the biggest punch. It’s a salicylic acid based solution that helps to get rid of any blemishes or spots that you have, or if you can feel one about to pop up this will help to prevent it from coming up to the surface. This is my new favourite spot treatment. For a long time I swore by the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion  to get rid of spots, but this works so much faster, doesn’t get flakey on your skin, and it also goes on clear so if you have to leave the house after you’ve put it on you don’t need to worry about funny looking dots on your face. Although the bottle for this is absolutely minuscule you only need the tiniest bit, and even though I’ve been using this religiously on little spots I’ve had, I have hardly even made a dent. If you’re in need of a new spot treatment this the one to go for.

Hope you enjoyed my mini review on some new bits and pieces.






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August 22, 2017


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