_MG_6790Recently I bought myself a pair of checkered slip-on Vans and ever since I got them I’ve barely worn any other shoes. At first I thought they may be a bit difficult to style with outfits that aren’t completely boring otherwise but I’ve loved putting them with a bunch of different looks. So here I’ve put together a couple of my favourite outfits to wear them with, that I think are a bit more fun and interesting than just your standard t-shirt and jeans.

First though, a little on the shoes themselves. These shoes are so very comfortable. Before purchasing these I hadn’t owned a pair of Vans in probably around 4 years but I always remembered what comfy shoes they were. They don’t have to be broken in at all, they are so nice to wear from the day you buy them until the day they fall apart. I had been tossing up between this pair of vans and the old school style, and even though I love how the old school ones look I am so happy with my decision to buy these checkered ones. The fact that they’re slip-on was also a massive selling point for my lazy self. All in all I would 100% tell anyone who is considering buying a pair of Vans (whichever style) to go for it.

LOOK 1: Stripes

The first look I want to talk about is clashing with stripes. I love pattern clashing, and in my opinion stripes and checks look so cool when they’re paired together. I think it works nicest if you stick with black and white on both patterns instead of putting colour into the mix as well.


I also really like doing this look with cream and off-white tones. It makes the outfit as a whole look warmer, whereas if you did the look the same but used more true whites it would a lot more stark. I think these tones flatter my hair colour at the moment which is also always a plus.

Outfit Details:

Jacket is thrifted

Top is Kmart

Skirt is Lulu & Rose

LOOK 2: Colour Blocking


On the whole I feel like the whole colour blocking trend has had it’s time, I am so into the more recent trend of blocking red and pink together.

Taking these two colours that aren’t usually paired together makes such a cool combination in my eyes, and while this outfit is traditionally pretty basic (just being a t-shirt and pair of jeans), the red and pink makes it just that little bit more interesting and fun. I just am super into how this looks with my Vans, I think everything put together all compliments each other so well.


Outfit Details:

T-shirt and belt are from Kmart

Jeans are Missguided

Sunglasses are Decjuba

LOOK 3: Double Checks

The last look and my personal favourite, is pairing checks with more checks. Even though this is still kind of pattern clashing (like the first look), I think doing double checks looks so good and different in the way that is more like repetition than just basic clashing.


Because the focus of this outfit is once again on the patterns, I’ve kept the colours pretty neutral so I don’t take much away from that.

Also, I am absolutely in love with this blazer. I love how put together but still effortless it looks being the longline style that it is, just thrown on over a skirt and t-shirt. The brand is Jaeger (which is a relatively expensive brand) but I was lucky enough to find this in an op-shop which I was honestly so ecstatic about. Even though the jacket is thrifted, I’m pretty sure that is style is quite classic for the brand so something similar would still be available.

Outfit Details:

Jacket is Jaeger (thrifted)

T-shirt is Kmart

Skirt is Zara

Sunglasses are Decjuba


I also need to give a quick shoutout to my gorgeous and most helpful friend Ash for taking these photos for me, lots of love

Hope you enjoyed reading this, love emily. x

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August 28, 2017


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