I thought as a little follow up to my last post ( on my current makeup loves) I’d do a little one on all the styles/looks/trends I’m lusting over lately. This is going to be a bit of a random mix of fashion bits and pieces so this could very well be a bit of an all over the place post because, as it’s probably pretty apparent, I’m still trying to find my grasp on blogging. So please bear with me.

Winter is finally coming to a very highly anticipated end, and I have been preparing myself for warmer weather and getting seriously into the wrap/tea dress trend. I’ve bought two new ones this month, hoping to fulfill my want for a Realisation Par dress (because sadly I just don’t think I can justify that much money on a dress at this point in my life).


(Dress is from Forever New)

One is definitely just a classic wrap around design, and the other one is more like a tea dress, as it doesn’t wrap around but ties under the bust, and has sort of bell sleeves. Both are printed with spots, and I love them both so much. I’m obsessed and I can’t wait until it warms up more so that I can wear them absolutely non-stop, because I know that I will.

green dress 2

(Dress is from Alice In The Eve)

Loafers are my next thing. I own two pairs, both very Gucci-esque, both definitely still not Gucci (which does break my heart, but what can you do). I got my first pair a while ago, they’re just a very classic looking black backless pair with gold detailing, but having bought them at the start of winter I kind of just hadn’t been getting the wear out of them. Now that the weather isn’t absolutely freezing my feet as much I feel like I can start wearing them again, and I also bought myself another pair too. My new ones have backs and they’re the cutest blush pink colour which I think are going to look so cute with so many different outfits and I’m so excited to wear them more.


(Loafers are Hudson London)

Carrying on with the loafers, I’ve been loving pairing them with previously mentioned dresses (that goes without saying), but I’ve also been dying over how they look worn with ‘manly’ tees and cute, girly skirts. I’m a massive lover of balancing masculinity and femininity within outfits, and I think shoes can be the potentially the most difficult part of the balancing act. Big, oversized band t-shirts tucked into lovely and girly skirts is such a look in my opinion, and while an outfit like that looks good if you wear it with a pair of vans or converse, I think swapping them out for a pair of loafers just elevates the look as a whole and I am all about it. Slightly androgynous and very cool (in my personal opinion).


(Loafers from Decjuba)

The last bit that I want to give a shout out to in this post is my Timex watch. I got this watch for Christmas last year from my lovely boyfriend, but after I wore it a couple of times (for reasons still unknown) it just stopped working. Anyway, long story short we went and got it sorted out and now that I can wear it again I have fallen in love with it all over again. I’ve literally never in my life seen a watch that is so me. From the leather band, to the chronographs, and the beautiful green face, everything about this watch had me lusting after it from the second I saw it and I am so happy to have it back in my life.


I hope you enjoyed this little rundown of my style/fashion favs.

Emily x

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September 6, 2017

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