Am I really about to dedicate a whole post to velvet and checked pieces? The answer is absolutely I am. I think it’s pretty normal for everyone to have a (favourite is a strong word and I’m not sure if I can commit to it) fabric that they love to wear a little more than most, and for me, that’s velvet. And of course my favourite pattern to wear has to be checks.

I’ve loved velvet forever, and the fact that in the last few years it’s gotten super popular and super accessible, makes me very happy. Everything about it is so luxurious, and I feel like it can just elevate almost any piece of clothing.

This singlet I got probably 2 and a half years ago from Zara, and I still love it so very much. It’s a really simple design but it’s the dark blue velvet that makes it special. Because it is so simple, you can wear it with pretty much anything you want and it looks good. Plus, the colour is absolutely one of my very favourites to wear.

My skirt I bought while I was in Ireland at Urban Outfitters. It’s so cute and you can wear it with so much. For me it’s pretty much my alternative to wearing denim skirts. The fit of it is really nice, and I love the asymmetric hem and of course the tortoiseshell buttons.

The bag I spoke about a little in my last post about the best things I’ve found in salvos recently. It’s so cute and I’m still so happy and excited that I found it.

Top: Zara / Skirt: Urban Outfitters / Shoes: Kmart / Bag: Vintage 

This next outfit is two brand new pieces. Straight neck dresses like this one are my favourite style to wear. I have another dress really similar to this one which I’ve included in other blog posts. Over the summer I’ve worn my other one to death and I’ve been trying to find another one that I’ll love as much, so when I saw this one I had to get it. Plus, this yellow shade is so very cute.

I’ve never seen a more me piece of clothing than this blazer. As soon as I saw this I had to have it. A green velvet blazer, it had my name written all over it. I usually don’t go for crushed velvet, but I definitely can overlook it for everything else this blazer offers. I always go for oversized, long-line blazers, and this definitely isn’t one, so I got one a few sizes up. I usually wear a size 8 and I bought a size 14 in this blazer, just for reference.

The bag I talked about in a recent post, I haven’t stopped using it since then. The colours in the bag just go with so many colours that I wear day to day. I’m still in love with it.

Dress: Neon Hart / Blazer: H&M / Shoes: Doc Martens

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February 25, 2018

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