I’ve been feeling pretty stuck lately on what to write. Majority of my posts lately have just been outfit based, but the latest one I did after I turned 20 got some really lovely feedback, so thank you to everyone who read that and told me their thoughts. Since the feedback was so positive, I’ve really felt like writing some more personal posts, however, I’ve just been unsure of what to talk about.

I think that how I’ve been feeling is a good place to start, and I can already tell this post is gonna be a rambly one. It’s not so much that I’ve been feeling uninspired, I just haven’t been feeling very creative as of late. I get inspired by a lot of things, but sometimes it’s hard for me to motivate myself into turning my thoughts into creative endeavours. I’ve written a post before on how I try to inspire myself, so I don’t want to make this post into a repeat of that one.

What I think I’ve been lacking more than anything is motivation. I really do love blogging, for me it’s not so much about how many people read what I’m writing or anything like that, and more just the fact that I sometimes feel like I have a lot of thoughts and I just want to write about whatever they might be. I feel like it’s a type of therapy for me, but I also don’t want to share anything that’s too personal, so I feel like I’m stuck in this limbo where I’m trying to find a balance between writing little posts on fashion and style, which will always be something that is very important to me, and writing about what I’m thinking.

I know that I prefer reading things which have been thought about and are coming from the heart, than just a quick little description of an outfit, but I’m still trying to find my feet here and I’m figuring out what this blog is.

When I took these photos I had no plan on what kind of post I would write to accompany them. The outfit is something I just chucked on at the last minute, nothing that I’m crazy about or anything that I think warrants an entire blog post on it, so that seemed so unauthentic for me to do. I just felt like after writing my last blog post which was pretty different for me, an outfit post about an outfit I don’t even particularly like just seemed so stupid.

I definitely don’t think that I’ve made this blog into what I want it to be, and I know that I can be a lot more creative and do a lot better, but I have a full time job and sometimes I lack the motivation and resources, as well as of course the time to do everything I want with it. This whole post I’m sure is just a complete mess and ongoing ramble, and I can’t even force myself to go back through it to proofread. I want my blog to me authentic and to be genuinely me, and that’s what I wrote this post to really say. I’m hoping that better things are coming for my little space of internet and if you guys stick around to see it then I hope you like it.

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April 23, 2018

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