I’m the kind of person that’s super interested in piercings, I love hearing other people talk about theirs, and comparing my experiences of certain piercings with my own. I thought I’d write my own little post about my own piercings I’ve had done, and touch on the pain and healing process of each of them.

I have a total of 6 piercings; 3 in my ears, 2 in my nose, and 1 in my tongue webbing. At this point in time I don’t have my ear lobes pierced. I’ve had them pierced twice, both times they’ve ended up becoming infected and I’ve taken them out. The first time I got them done and then taken them out it wasn’t a big deal, but the second time they got really infected, and the back of my stud pretty much grew into my ear overnight. I had to get it cut out and get stitches in my ear lobe. So, after all this I’m feeling pretty scared to get them pierced again, but this did happen about 3 years ago so maybe after some more time I’ll end up getting them done again.

In my left ear I have my tragus done. This was my first cartilage piercing, and because I wasn’t 16 when I got this I had to get my mum to come with me and give parental permission. The first time I had my lobes done was about a year and a half before this and was done with a gun, so this was also the first piercing I’d had done with a needle. I was really nervous, but one of my friends who’d had their tragus done had told me it wasn’t painful at all, which eased my mind a bit. It did hurt though, it wasn’t awful, but it’s pretty close to the side of your head, so it feels really strange. It did get a little infected at first, which I was worried about at the time, but it fixed itself up pretty fast.

My right ear has two piercings, my rook and a little helix about half way up my ear. My helix I got not that long after my tragus, and the pain of this one felt so different to the pain of the thick cartilage of my tragus. Getting my helix done stung, a lot. It didn’t hurt a whole lot, but it really did sting, and that felt very weird to me. When I slept I had to sleep on the other side of my head because it really hurt to sleep on. It also would get stuck in my hair and pull sometimes, and it hurt a lot when it did this while being freshly pierced.

I would say my rook has been my most painful piercing. The cartilage that it pierces through isn’t as thick as the tragus, but it’s a lot harder and more stiff. I think I’ve gotten pretty good with the pain of piercings and tattoos, so they don’t bother me too much, but this one I remember more than any of my others because it hurt so much more. It was definitely worth it though, and the healing wasn’t too bad because it really never got in the way or caught in anything. If you really want this piercing then don’t let the pain put you off it.

Now onto my nose piercings, firstly the piercing in the right side of my nose. I got this one done about 3 years ago. I didn’t treat this piercing at all how I should’ve, and I changed the stud that I should’ve left in a lot longer than I did, after about 2-3 weeks. I changed the stud to a ring because that was always what I eventually wanted in my nose, but because I did it when my nose was not fully healed, it meant I got infected and it was pretty painful. The problems that I had with this piercing were all completely my fault, but it means that I’ve been a lot more careful with piercings I’ve had done since.

My septum is the most recent piercing I’ve had done. I’ve only had it for a bit over a month, and it hasn’t caused me too much trouble so far. It hurt a little to get it pierced, but I think because I was expecting it to be a lot worse, I was surprised that it wasn’t as bad as I thought. The worst part was cleaning it in the first couple of days. Every time I moved it around to clean it, it stung horribly, and a couple of times I almost cried. Now I have absolutely no problems with it, I can move it around and clean it and I can barely even feel it. I know that this is one of those piercings that a lot of people hate, but I really like it. Also, just a little side note, but the jewellery for this is silver unlike all of my other jewellery, which are all gold, only because where I went to get it pierced were all out of the gold horseshoes. When it’s all healed up though I will definitely be changing it so everything’s all matching.

Lastly, I have my tongue webbing pierced. This was easily the least painful piercing I’ve ever had done. Whenever I show it to people they think it must’ve been super painful, but in all honesty I could barely even feel it being done because the webbing is so thin. The most uncomfortable part of it was having to keep my tongue up in the same position for a minute or two while it was being pierced and then as the jewellery was being put in. All that I really felt was little bit of tugging when the jewellery was being put in. It’s a bit of a funny piercing to have done because it can’t really been seen unless I go out of my way to show people, but I still think it’s pretty cute. I have to apologise for how shit the photo is for this, but I literally could not get a photo better.

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April 29, 2018


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