My second disposable diary, and I really have loved doing these first two posts. I use disposable cameras like no tomorrow, and recently I finally discovered a place that develops film on site and can scan the prints onto a usb for me, which makes it so easy for me to share all my film photos in much better quality than I had been. I filled this camera pretty quickly, I think a massive part of that is attributed to knowing I was going to put together another one of these posts and being excited about it. Some of the photos from this camera I haven’t added however, because I really want to start incorporating film photos into the rest of my posts.

I honestly think these posts are the most genuinely ‘me’ out of everything I write and share on here. I know they’re very simple and short but I really do hope anyone taking the time to read them, likes them as much as I do.

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May 10, 2018

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