I just got back another lot of film from a disposable, so I wanted to put it all together into a third disposable diary. I’ve realised that the majority of the film photos I post are pretty much the same things week to week, but my life is pretty uneventful unfortunately, so it probably won’t get too much better than this. I’ve also realised that I probably have a slight drinking problem, because a bunch of these were taken while me and my friends were out. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy another collection of drunk photos, sunsets and a few pics of me.

A little side note too, I’m very interested in buying a proper film camera but I’m completely unsure what is a good option for a basic point and shoot. If I did get one and start shooting on that, I’d have to change the name of this little series, but until then I’m sticking with the disposable cameras. If anyone knows a good film camera though that isn’t too pricey, please let me know!!

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May 24, 2018

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