I’ve always loved shopping at salvos and vintage stores. I’ve spoken about it briefly in a blog post a while ago, but I thought I’d write something a little more in depth. Over the last couple of years it’s become a cool thing to shop at salvos, which I loved because people wouldn’t judge me like they had before for wearing peoples old clothes. I never understood why people would have a problem with that, all you have to do is wash what you bought before you wear it and there’s no problem.

Over the years I have acquired so so so many pieces of clothing from salvos, some of it I’ve kept a hold of and have worn to death, and other things I really just never wore and just ended up donating them again. If you know me you would probably have realised that I have an actual shopping problem. It’s something that seems really silly, but I’m trying hard to not spend so much money on clothes, which is part of the reason I love going to second hand shops if I’m in the mood to just browse around when I know I’m in the mood to go shopping but don’t need to spend money on anything.

All of the clothes in this post are from a second hand stores like salvos or vinnies, or are vintage pieces. I love having pieces of clothing that other people aren’t going to have, and there is no place better to shop for that than thrifting. A lot of things that I’ve bought I’ve kind of altered myself, I really don’t take a lot of care when I do this, but I don’t mind the look of a frayed hem here or there. When I’m shopping I always have this in mind, so if I see something that has some sort of detail I’m not super into but can have a quick fix, I’ll get it. If I’m buying from stores this is not the mindset I’ll have, because if I’m paying full price for a piece of clothing I want it to look and fit like a glove.

I love experimenting with clothing, but when you’re on a retail salary buying pricier clothes that you aren’t sure if you’ll get the cost per wear out of, isn’t really the smartest thing to be spending your money on.

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June 25, 2018


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