As much as I love jewellery, I really like to keep what I wear kind of simple and always the same. Once I find a necklace or a ring I love, I really stick to wearing it everyday. I’m also super lazy with my jewellery and I rarely will ever take it off (not even to shower or sleep, which is kind of bad I guess). At the moment I’m really in love with all the pieces I wear day to day, and I’m not planning on changing them anytime soon so I thought I would have a little chat about them all.

Firstly, my rings. I wear two rings on each hand, but I’ll talk about one hand at a time, and I guess I’ll start with my right hand which is the left in the photo.

My dad bought me this claddagh ring the first time he went to Ireland a few years ago. He bought it at a store in Galway which claims to be where the claddagh ring was first created and sold, and when me and my dad were in Galway earlier this year we went back there to get one for my little sister. I just think these rings are so special, if you’re not familiar with them they’re those rings you turn one way if you’re single and then the other way if your heart is taken. It’s the only piece of silver jewellery I still wear, and maybe one day I would prefer a gold one to match my other pieces but this one has that sentimentality attached to it because my dad bought it for me.

The other ring I wear on this hand is my second newest one I own. This was a gift for my 20th birthday from my parents, so this one also is more sentimental to me. I think my mum would’ve definitely picked it out, but she got it so right because emerald jewellery is very very me. It’s really cute and simple, it just has the little crystals on both sides and then the emerald in the centre. It’s from Prouds which is my go to like kind of in store place for jewellery because I love that they have a pretty big range of pieces with emeralds and other gem stones.

I have another emerald ring from Prouds on this hand too, this one has three emeralds across it and I’m pretty sure they’re crushed diamonds on the band. I bought this one for myself at the end of last year in the boxing day sales. Another reason I find prouds to be so good for me is they always seem to have really good sales and include so many of the rings with gem stones in them, so I got this for half price as a little gift to myself and I haven’t taken it off since.

Lastly is my latest purchase, this adorable squiggle ring from By G. through the Iconic. I just thought this would be such a cute addition to my little ring collection I have going on. I really love it and I just hadn’t seen anything like this around before I found this, so I felt like I had to have it.

Next is my necklaces. I always love wearing two together, and I’ve been wearing the Missoma one for a while and interchanging the necklace I would wear with it because none of them were particularly good quality so they’d never last long on me. My boyfriend got the Missoma necklace for me as a christmas gift. It’s from their Lucy Williams collection, who is just so so cool I’m so into everything she does, and it’s on one of their bobble chains with a green malachite stone. It’s not emerald like on my rings, but from a distance where you can only see the colours of the stones it looks like they could all perfectly match. I adore this necklace and I have literally had it around my neck since last christmas day and it’s holding up amazingly.

My other necklace is another new purchase and it’s from Wanderlust & Co., and I think it is such a good companion for my little green necklace. I’m very into the whole coin necklace look, but a lot of the ones I seem very drawn to have some sort of religious insignia on them, and I’m not religious so I kind of wanted something a little different. This one is space theme really, and my favourite thing about it and what really drew me into buying it is the fact that it spins, so you can switch between the two sides of the disc. This brand has some super cute pieces that are relatively pretty affordable considering the quality, so I’d definitely recommend looking into them if you’re after something a little different.


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August 11, 2018


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