I feel like I haven’t done a post solely about makeup in a little while, I think because on a day to day basis I really haven’t been wearing a lot of it. However, I’ve realised I have a few bits than I almost can’t go without which I wanted to go through today. I’ve been loving a very skin like and natural base, with a lot of glow, and simple eyes, so it’s super simple.

I don’t wear foundation everyday, but when I do the one I’ve been reaching for the most often lately is the IT Cosmetics CC Cream ($61). I’ve had this before and just recently repurchased it and fallen in love all over again. It definitely has more coverage than your average cc cream, but the texture and finish is so so nice.

I’ve been using the RMS Beauty “un”cover-up concealer ($52) for a few months now and I really love it. A lot of the time I’ll just use concealer as my base, and this works so nicely for that. It’s so light and creamy in texture, so it lays on top of the skin so nicely. Before I bought this I was using the Nars soft matte concealer, and this definitely isn’t as thick and high coverage as that, but I love the finish of it so much, and the way it just blends into the skin so seamlessly. Very good for that ‘no-makeup’ makeup look.

I have never understood how some people don’t powder their face, maybe it’s because my skin definitely needs to be set or the makeup I’ve put on will surely just slide right off. I absolutely love the dewy look, but I know that I could never leave my makeup not set with a powder, so I like to use something quite light so I can still try and achieve something similar. For the past while I’ve been using the Too Faced Born This Way Ethereal Setting Powder ($46). I always go for a translucent loose powder, and this one is really good. It’s lasted me quite a while too, which is what you want with products you use almost everyday.

If I’m doing this easy makeup I’ll usually not bother with blush or contour because the coverage is so light that the colour on my cheeks comes through, but I will always use highlighter. I’m running low on my Fenty Beauty highlighter ($50), because I’ve been using it a lot again lately. I love applying it with my beauty blender, it just seems to help it melt into the skin and look so glowy, but not at all like a massive stripe of highlight on my cheek. I use the duo in the shades Lightning Dust/Fire Crystal FYI.

I use one eyeshadow all through the crease and onto the lid, and I love a warm tan shade for this. My favourite one for quite a while actually is from the Nars Man Ray eyeshadow palette, which was limited edition unfortunately, but it is beautiful. I’m sure there are a bunch of colours out there that are similar, but this is just the one I’ve been loving lately and using almost everyday.

And the last step, and one that I’ll almost never miss, setting spray. I love MAC Fix+ ($36), and I know it’s not really for extending the wear of your makeup, but I love the way it just meshes all the powders and makeup together, and kind of helps them melt into your skin. I feel like I’ve constantly been repeating throughout this post that I love to look dewy and natural, and this is that final little step that just completes it.

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October 14, 2018

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