Over the weekend I finally got to bring out one of the dresses I’ve been dying to wear once the weather permitted. When I got dressed and left the house on Saturday morning the weather was the nicest it’s been in probably months, but after about an hour it took a turn and started raining buckets so this dress didn’t really get the full outing it deserved. I bought this Free People dress from General Pants a while ago, and I actually spoke about it in a new in post, but since then I hadn’t worn it. This wasn’t from a lack of wanting to, but the weather in Canberra has just not been good enough at all for a floaty summer dress like this one.

I’m a huge supporter of a pretty dress and some kind of rough looking boots, I think it’s the contrast of the two opposites paired together just works. I think because this dress has quite a few details going on, mainly on the bust area, simple shoes are my favourite thing to put with it. I honestly think of all the dresses I own (which is quite a few, I love dresses) this is the ‘prettiest’ of them, and I love it for that reason. I fits me like a glove, and the little tie details under the best pull in the waist in a very subtle and flattering way. This is the only piece of clothing I own from Free People, and the quality of the fabric and the sewing is just beautiful, and while a lot of the aesthetic of the brand isn’t something I’m super into because of the pretty heavy boho vibes it gives off, but I know that if I do decide to buy from the brand again, I can pretty much assume the quality will be worth the price tag.

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October 25, 2018

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