I’ve finally updated my blog with a new design!! The last time I changed my blog was over a year ago, and I was just not really feeling it anymore, and I thought it was time for a change and for something a little different. I wanted something more image based than anything, and I think this has probably come from how much I’ve fallen back in love with tumblr and flicking through magazines lately. I also just recently updated my tumblr blog design too, and honestly I think that pushed me to make the change on here.

I’m really happy with how my blog looks now, I love how simple it is, and that it looks kind of like a collection of photos on the home page until you hover over them. I think the change over has messed with the layout of some of my old posts, so I’m sorry if you ever look back over those and photos are out of place or they don’t look right. There’s still some things I’m trying to tweak, but in all honesty I’m not very good at things like this when they start to get more complicated.

I thought seeing as I just got another disposable camera developed, and this new design I have is pretty image heavy, this would be a perfect time to share them.

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November 15, 2018

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