I’m always a big fan of a crop, but lately there have been so many tops I’ve been seeing lately that are closer in the amount of skin they cover to a bra than a top, and while some of them I really love, sometimes I feel like I really lack the confidence to wear them.

I’ve always been a bit self conscious of my lil tummy (and I’m sure a lot of other people share this insecurity), so these tiny shirts have usually been something I’ve shied away from. However probably a month or so ago I found this tiny white top on Pretty Little Thing, and I loved it. It’s out of stock now I think, because I couldn’t find it online anymore. I thought because I loved how this top looked on the model so much, I thought even though I wasn’t sure if I’d love it on me, I’d give it a go because it was so cheap.

I’ve worn it twice now, the first time I wore it out was to civic on a friday night, and I wore it with a pair of high waisted corduroy pants, so my stomach wasn’t really on show. After I wore it out like that I felt so much more comfortable in it, and knew that the way I’d be wearing it was with anything pretty high waisted, but of course in the middle of summer I didn’t want to be wearing it with my cord pants.

I wrote a post on this midi skirt a little while ago when I first got it, and I thought it would be perfect with this top because it’s both got the high waist, and it’s a longer length, so there’s not a huge amount of skin on show. I do want to say though, If you want to show more skin than this then you so should, if you’re feeling yourself then go for it!! But, sometimes I feel like showing a little less, so this is the kind of look I’d go for. l like to go for a more balanced outfit when I’m feeling like this, so because the top of my body is so out on show that means I’ll cover the bottom half of my body up a bit more.

I’ve said this a billion times I think, and it’s not hard to tell when you look at me, but I have quite long legs, so while this skirt is supposed to be a midi length, it’s a bit shorter on me than it would be on someone a more average height.


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November 25, 2018

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