I got a new bag!! I’m so excited about it, so I just wanted to throw together a little post really quickly so I can share it with you all. It arrived yesterday and I literally just couldn’t even contain my excitement, and I’m so in love with this bag already.

So, this bag is from Poppy Lissiman, an Australian designer, which is fast becoming one of my favourite accessory brands. I have a leopard print bum bag from there as well which I wore to listen out, and I love it lots, but this will definitely be my everyday bag whereas the other is only one I’ll use sometimes. For the quality of these bags, the price point is so so good. This bag was $170, it’s handmade, it’s made of faux leather that honestly smells and feels real, and the shark tooth has been molded off a real great white shark tooth.

This isn’t a big bag by any stretch of the imagination, but I prefer smaller bags because I can’t shove a bunch of shit I don’t need in them. I can fit all my essentials in here; my cardholder, keys, sunnies, lip gloss, some mints and a disposable camera. I’m just so in love with my new bag, and I wanted to recommend Poppy Lissiman as a brand to you all. I can’t wait to wear this every single day for the foreseeable future!!

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November 27, 2018

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