There are not many pieces of clothing at this point in my life that I want more than a Realisation Par dress. I’ve been drooling over every single piece on their instagram ever since I discovered them a year or 2 ago. Unfortunately for me however, I really can’t afford splurging on one of their beautiful bits of clothing, so I’m always on the look out for similar styles for a much lower price and recently I’ve found one that absolutely has blown me away.

This Bardot dress is seriously an insane dupe for the Devon dress from Realisation in the flower power print. I would absolutely prefer to have bought the original from Realisation, however as I said before I sadly can’t afford to splash $250 on a summer dress. Spending $100 (it actually only cost me $90 because I signed up to be a member and got 10% off) is a whole lot more reasonable for my life at this point. All that aside, I love this dress. It’s beautiful, and obviously so because the brand it’s ripped off can really do no wrong. I think this style is so flattering, I think it fits my body really nicely and is surprisingly a perfect length on me too. I know a lot of girls my age can be die hard Bardot fans, but usually their stock just isn’t for me, however this dress was just the most amazing find and couldn’t really be more perfect for me.

So moral of this post is: if you can’t afford one of the super gorgeous Realisation dresses, and in particular the devon style, then check out this amazing dupe because it’s honestly still a beautiful piece. And, if you’re not into dresses but you adore this print as much as I do, it also comes in two different tops and a midi skirt, so there’s a couple of options to choose from.

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February 14, 2019


Oh, it is a stunning dress and looks great on you. <3 Even though the original Realisation Par dress is lovely I adore this more simple daisy print a lot as well! May I ask what size did you buy?

Thank you so much! I bought mine in a size 10, I’m not 100% sure if it would still be available but hopefully it is! ❤️

You are welcome! <3 Thanks a lot for your answer, it seems like some sizes are still in stock so I might try to grab one too. 🙂

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