I’ve finally got myself a gold watch!! For the longest time I was exclusively a silver jewellery girl, but over the past probably year and a half to 2 years, I’ve converted to all gold (except my claddagh ring which is silver but I don’t think I’ll ever stop wearing it). Ever since I kind of switched to gold jewellery I’ve gone off wearing my watches a bit, which is sad because I absolutely love the 2 watches I have, and both of them were christmas presents from my boyfriend so they’re super special to me, but sometimes I just would rather gold to match all my other pieces.

I honestly had just been kind of unsure what I wanted to go for, and hadn’t been searching super hard, then I got a message on my instagram (@sugarhoney.icedtee) from a watch brand called Capitola. I don’t get a huge amount of brands on instagram trying to get me to buy from and work with them, but I do get a bit of it, and I don’t say yes to much at all because usually once I’ve looked into their website and seen what they sell I’m just not interested – but this was definitely not the case with the Capitola Watches.

I just want to say that I wasn’t gifted this watch, I used my own money – but I was given a discount on any watch I wanted to buy so I did get it cheaper than the retail price. At this point though I think I can confidently say that I would pay the full price for one of these watches. I went for the gold mesh with the black watch face, and I’m so happy with my choice. I am a huge sucker for masculine watches, and I think even though this watch is so simple (which I normally associate with more feminine watches) the black face on it gives it that more manly touch.

This post isn’t sponsored (lol I wish) but if after reading this you think you’d like to treat yourself to something pretty (and honestly very well priced in my opinion), they have given me a code that you can use for 15% off your order: SHIT15 – yes, shit in all capitals at the checkout. or click this link to shop.

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February 24, 2019

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