I’ve been meaning to get this post together for a couple of days, and I’d meant to write it all up yesterday but I was probably the most hungover I’ve been in at least a year, so that obviously was not gonna happen. I always love looking at other peoples wishlist type posts, and there’s a couple of things I really can’t get off my mind lately and I wanted to share them with you guys.

Firstly I’ve really been eyeing off these two pairs of sneakers. I still love and wear my chunky puma sneakers semi-regularly, but I know that I would wear a pair of less big and chunky sneakers more. I really like the new colour ways that New Balance have been coming out with lately, and I particularly like this pair. I have to say though I love the Reebok pair more. I’ve wanted the original Reebok Club C 85’s for ages now, but kind of lost interest a little over time, these ones just came out however and I think I absolutely need them.

I literally can’t get enough of Poppy Lissiman lately (there’s another item or 2 from her coming up in this post) and the bags that I already have from her are just amazing quality and I wear them so often, so I know that if I was to buy another one from her it would get the love and wear it deserves. In saying that I know that this bag in particular isn’t the most practical everyday bag, but I just love them so much (especially the gorgeous blue shade) that I’m sure I would make it work for me.

I’m a straight leg girl through and through, and I’ve loved the look of the Dickies pants for so long. My boyfriend bought a pair of the mens ones ages ago, and I tried them on and I was in love, but I didn’t know you could get high waisted ones for women. The yellow and white pairs here have that amazing high rise waist, but I seriously love the thin striped ones too which is kind of surprising because they aren’t as high waisted as I normally go for. I want all of these 3, and of course a black high waisted pair but they’re seeming to be kind of hard to find.

And last but definitely not least, more Poppy Lissiman. Sunglasses aren’t something I buy often, but lately I’ve been really tempted to get myself a nice pair. I love all 3 of these pairs so much. The neon green are just the most amazing shade and of course the shape to me is just classic. The tortoiseshell and black ones are definitely slimmer, and have a much more rectangular shape. I love them both so much that it’s been super hard to decide which one’s I want the most.

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March 4, 2019

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