Lately I’ve been feeling really uninspired, and really unmotivated in terms of my blog. I’m not quite sure what spurred this on, but all I know is I hate feeling this way. Last week especially I was super busy at work, so by the time I got home in the evening all I wanted to do was relax, I was hardly thinking about getting home and then proceeding to do more ‘work’. Of course doing this isn’t really work at all, I do this as a hobby for myself, but that also sometimes means I’m not as motivated to sit down and put something together.

I feel like there’s been a couple of posts in this kind of category on here by now, and I think maybe actually writing about how stuck I’m feeling can sort of help me to get out of this head space. All in all I’m just having one of those days were I’ve just been moping around feeling really sorry for myself, and I thought this might help slightly.

I also wanted to talk about this new jumper I bought the other day from H&M. Last winter I was super into jumpers like this with the high neck and ring pull, but there really wasn’t ones like this with a big knit so all the ones I already own are a very tight fit. At the time I liked these a lot, but I know if there had been ones with a fit more like this one, I definitely would’ve preferred them.

The length of this is perfect to wear with high waisted jeans or pants because the hem just sort of sits right at the waist line. I love how it looks with the white top layered underneath, which is different for me because I almost never wear layers underneath my jumpers and if by some chance I do, I normally wouldn’t let them show through. I honestly think H&M winter styles are so much better than their summer pieces, and the knitwear especially is so good for the price you pay. Everything else I’m wearing in these photos you definitely would’ve heard me talk about many times before.

Jumper: H&M (I can’t find this online, I bought mine in store) / Top: Factorie / Shorts: Factorie / Shoes: Puma

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March 11, 2019

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