As I’m writing this post it’s been exactly a week since I got to be apart of the Meraki fashion show last sunday. I think there’s already been a few posts from canberra bloggers and such from the view point of someone watching the show, however I was lucky enough to be chosen to walk in the show so this post is obviously going to be from a slightly different perspective to others.

I got involved with Meraki through one of the co-founders and designer Bianca Pavlic, who I know through her finding my blog on instagram. I’ve done a little bit of modelling before, so when she posted asking for models for a show I offered to help, and I was so happy she had me be apart of it. I have to say that this show was run so smoothly, especially considering the short amount of time it was pulled together in.

The venue (The Fitters Workshop in Kingston) is gorgeous. It’s very industrial looking, and was such a perfect space for the show. I’m always a sucker for pretty things juxtaposed with things much gritter, and this venue did exactly that for Meraki. The combination of designers showcased a perfect mix of designers and different styles, including; 70’s inspired eccentric festival wear from Venus Blooms, and amazing, delicate lingerie from Claudia The Label.

There was 4 designers in total, 2 of them I mentioned just above, and the other two, Bianca Pavlic The Label and Gerhardus Harmannus, which I walked for. Gerhardus Harmannus was all about super over sized tailoring, with a very androgynous feel. The whole collection apart from maybe one piece (an off the shoulder blazer dress) was to me, very unisex, and was the only designer in the show that included mens wear.

And last, but absolutely not least was the beautiful Bianca Pavlic The Label. This was the biggest collection of the event, with every single female involved walking for her. Every piece was flowy and pretty, which is obviously expected from Bianca. There was delicate beading and frill details, lots of lace bralettes, and a few light knits mixed throughout. Lots of pastels and shades of pink, and as a whole it really showed off what Bianca does best; pretty, girly and beautifully made pieces.

I want to say a massive thank you again to everyone involved in Meraki for having me be apart of this wonderful creation. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by such creative people in Canberra, and I can not wait to see what happens next.

wearing Bianca Pavlic The Label – photo by Lydia Downe
wearing Gerhardus Harmannus – photo by Simona Razmoska

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April 3, 2019


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