I feel like lately I’ve been talking about a lot more vintage than I usually do, and that’s because I’ve been shopping second hand and vintage a lot lately. I’ve had a lot of events and things on lately, so that’s where a lot of my money has been going and I haven’t been spending a lot on clothing in what feels likes ages.

As everyone’s heard me say about a million times now I love vintage and second hand shopping, but sometimes I go through phases where I’m not in the mood to go rummage through mountains of clothes trying to find the right pieces. Lately hasn’t been one of those phases.

You’ve probably (definitely) heard me talk about Lost Vintage and how much I love them multiple times before, and yet again I found a perfect addition to my wardrobe there. I saw this Harley Davidson singlet on their instagram when they got it in store and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. For some reason I just can’t seem to resist vintage harley tops and this was no exception. I went in a day or two after I saw it on their insta and I was so surprised and happy they still had it and obviously I bought it straight away and I love it. I’m trying to wear it as much as possible before it gets too cold for it.

The other two pieces I got are from salvos, so unlike lost vintage pieces where the good stuff is already been picked out and ready for you, these I had to rummage for. Firstly the blazer/coat is from Country Road and it was such a good find. It’s got a different type of lapel than your typical blazer, but the fit over the rest is similar to my other blazers so it’s kind of like an in-between to me. It’s such good quality, and the materials are too (75% wool, 15% linen and 10% nylon), so I have a feeling it’s going to be something I reach for a lot.

And last but not least, this bootleg Louis Vuitton shoulder bag. I have honestly been trawling through vintage designer websites just drooling over this style of bag for ages now, but just haven’t taken the plunge into buying one. This one I know is obviously fake but for the $5 it cost me I honestly couldn’t care less. It fits a really decent amount of stuff for its size too, everything I carry in my everyday bag with a little bit of space leftover. Obsessed.

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April 29, 2019

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