Usually when I put together one of these disposable diaries, the camera I’ve had developed has taken me around a month to fill (mainly because of the lack of interesting events in my life I guess), but this is just one weeks worth of film. I bought this camera last friday, went out that night, went to my little brothers rugby game in Sydney on sunday, then spent a few days in Melbourne. So this camera is just those couple of things I did, plus of course the random little bits and pieces in between. Even though this is compiled from such a short amount of time I still think this is one of my favourite lots of film I’ve had in a while, so many of the photos make my heart feel so full.

My little brother playing for The Disability Trust Canberra Raiders team at the SCG – so proud
My 2 little sisters, me and my dad on fathers day – this photo warms my heart

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September 8, 2019

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