disposable diary 5

When I wrote my last disposable diary post I said I had more photos waiting for another edition, so that’s what I put together today. I feel like I kind of repeat myself a lot in the little written parts of these posts, but I seriously do love making these, and it is nice to have a break from having to go through and edit a bunch of photos of just myself. I was so keen to get this camera developed that I did end up taking a lot of sunset photos, so little disclaimer there, but they just look so pretty on film. Anyway here’s to another camera filled, hope you all enjoy.

disposable diary 4

I just went down my old posts and I have not done a disposable diary since May, wtfff. I’ve filled two cameras since then so I’m going to do a separate post for each one so it’s not too massive, but I’m honestly shocked that I haven’t been taking as many photos as I usually do and that I’ve taken so long to get my film developed. I’ve only done 3 of these posts so far on my blog but I think it’s pretty safe for me to say that they’re my favourites to write and make. These were the first posts that I started to edit the photos kinda heavily on, and I think the vibe that I got from them has really influenced me to spread that throughout all my posts, therefore really making them and my little space here more reflective of me.

Anyway, that was probably such a bunch of rambly nonsense, I hope you enjoy this post and my little film moments. Some of these are from back in June, but my next one of these will have the more recent pictures.

My corset is vintage from @revamped.co on instagram, they have some super cute pieces

Btw, if you live in or around Canberra the walk up to Gibraltar Peak is lovely (I’m super unfit so the last part uphill killed a little part of me, but it’s worth it).

winter blues

Whenever the colder weather starts to come around, I’m always excited to wear my stupidly large amount of knitted jumpers and bring out the jacket collection, but after a little while of winter, I’m already getting over it. I’ve always been kind of like this, wanting cold when it’s hot and vice versa, but this year I think I’m feeling it more than usual.

Over last summer I discovered an insane love of dresses, and honestly, I miss wearing them and feeling girly and pretty. That, mixed with seeing the UK and American bloggers etc that I love wearing beautiful summer clothing, is making me feel that seasonal depression hardcore.

Everything I wear in winter I do love a lot, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like wearing jeans with a knitted jumper, and a jacket thrown on top gets old after a while. Like I said before, I own way more knits than a girl needs, and I have a big of a thing for jackets and coats, but there’s only so much excitement I get out of them. A lot of the winter clothes that I wear are not particularly figure flattering, there’s a lot of straight leg jeans and baggy jumpers, so sometimes I just don’t feel great about myself either.

I’m trying to mix it up a little bit, but honestly when it’s as cold as it has been here in Canberra recently, warm but unflattering clothes are usually the way to go unfortunately. But I guess they hide the winter weight a bit, which is a plus.

As a little side note, lately I’ve been feeling like what I’ve been posting just isn’t really me at all. The posts that I enjoy writing the most are absolutely my disposable diaries, where I put a lot more creativity into them. So I’m going to try and incorporate a lot more editing and kind of aesthetic that comes across as a better representation of who am I. Hope you all enjoy it 🙂

Jumper: H&M / Skirt: Levis / Boots: River Island / Belt: Warehouse / Scrunchie: Princess Polly

what’s in my bag

One of my all time favourite kind of youtube videos to watch is a classic whats in my bag. I know reading a blog post about the same thing probably won’t have nearly the same effect, and I can’t ramble on about everything anywhere near as much as I would if I made youtube videos, but I wanted to share some of my favourite things that I pretty much always have on me.

I’m a small bag kinda girl, mostly because I know from experience if I have a big bag then I will just fill it because I have the room to. I don’t really like to keep a lot of things on me, so I just stick to my couple of essentials, and everything that I have in my bag as of right now I love for one reason or another and I pretty much just wanted an excuse to talk about them. Side note: I usually have my apple earphones in here as well and I’m not sure where they were on this day, but just pretend they’re there.

Firstly, the bag I’m using at the moment is from H&M. It’s pretty decent considering it only cost me $25, I’m a massive sucker for a mock croc effect, and I was looking for just a simple little black bag so this was perfect. But now, onto the contents and my cardholder. I’ve been progressively downsizing my wallet for a while now, for the same reason I use a small bag, when I use a big one I fill it with shit I absolutely don’t need. My cardholder is from Fendi, and it’s my love. Me and my boyfriend went almost halves (he paid more than me) in this for my 20th birthday present, and I can never see myself getting rid of it. It has 7 slots, it’s grey and yellow, it has the cute little Fendi monster eyes, and I’m just obsessed with it.

I’ve always got a few lip products in my bag, and at the moment I’m carrying one of my favourite lip balms, lanolips in the peach flavour, and of course probably my favourite lip gloss ever, from Fenty.

THE greatest hand cream and one that actually makes a difference to the softness of your hands, is the Hand Chemistry cream from the Chemistry Brand. I recommend this to everyone and anyone, and I’ve gone through a few tubes of it now.

I have two pairs of sunnies that I love the most, and at the moment these are the ones I’ve been carrying around the most recently and

Other than my keys, the last thing I have on me almost all the time (except when I’m getting one developed) is a disposable camera. If you’ve seen any of my disposable diaries on here you’ll know I take a lot of photos on these, and I just love having one on me.

disposable diary 3

I just got back another lot of film from a disposable, so I wanted to put it all together into a third disposable diary. I’ve realised that the majority of the film photos I post are pretty much the same things week to week, but my life is pretty uneventful unfortunately, so it probably won’t get too much better than this. I’ve also realised that I probably have a slight drinking problem, because a bunch of these were taken while me and my friends were out. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy another collection of drunk photos, sunsets and a few pics of me.

A little side note too, I’m very interested in buying a proper film camera but I’m completely unsure what is a good option for a basic point and shoot. If I did get one and start shooting on that, I’d have to change the name of this little series, but until then I’m sticking with the disposable cameras. If anyone knows a good film camera though that isn’t too pricey, please let me know!!