Thursday 2nd Nov:

I thought I’d try a slightly different sort of layout for these types of posts, so I’m going to try do them day by day instead of kind of just throwing it together at once. Anyway, I’m sure my blog will keep changing writing and layout styles for a while, while I try and find my favourite way to write and post things.

Anyway, tonight I went out with my family for my dads birthday. We went to The Duxton in Turner, which is like a nice-casual kind of vibe, so that’s the sort of look I went for.


One of my favourite bloggers, Lizzy from shotfromthestreet, posted a photo on instagram the other day of her wearing a tiny little tight top paired with some very oversized jeans, so this look was pretty much inspired by that. My jeans definitely aren’t as wide and big fitting as the ones that Lizzy was wearing in her photo wear, but they’re still that kinda slim-but a little bit baggy look.


I really like the back of this top, I think it’s really cute. Because of the cutouts on the back though you can’t wear a bra with it but for me that’s not really a problem.

I also got some new shoes from kmart (which in my opinion do not look at all like they’re from kmart), so I wanted to wear something that wouldn’t take away from them, and also not look like too much when paired together. I just chucked on my Rebecca Minkoff bag too, because it’s so easy and it looks good with honestly anything.


Top: Monki – Jeans: Wrangler (the style is Drew) – Shoes: Kmart – Belt: Warehouse

Saturday 4th Nov:

Today all I did was go out to do some shopping and get milkshakes, and the weather was pretty nice around lunchtime and into the afternoon. I just went super casual and comfy, but I’ve been feeling more inspired and excited about what I want to wear and how I want to wear it, so I made it a little bit more interesting and fun.


I felt like adding a bit of colour today, and I hadn’t worn this singlet yet so I pulled it out and just wore it with these white pants which I’ve been loving lately. I feel like for me personally, as someone who really is not a fan at all of the skinny white jean trend, if you’re gonna do a white pant, it’s gotta be a straight or wide leg.


What I will say about these pants though, is that they’re pretty see-through, and the popper button closure at the top is really bad and just pops open sometimes. Other than that I think they fit really well and are very flattering, and they’re a super easy alternative to jeans.

For my shoes, I wore my very Miu Miu esque Wittner flats, which I also love but don’t wear as often because I feel like sometimes they can look a bit too extra with some outfits. And of course, my Rebecca Minkoff bag to finish it all off.


Top: Cotton On – Pants: JOA Los Angeles – Shoes: Wittner – Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

Sunday 5th Nov:

The weather was definitely not as warm today as it has been lately, so I rugged up just a little bit more than usual. Today me and Andy went out for some lunch at Sweet Bones in Braddon ( I say lunch but I just had a cinnamon scroll because theirs are literally to die for), and then went to see the Hyper Real exhibition at NGA which was so amazing.


Only the top half of me looks appropriately dressed, but for some strange reason, my legs don’t seem to feel the cold as much as my arms do. Anyway, the jacket isn’t mine sadly, it’s my friends, but it’s perfect for weather like this when it’s kind of in-between being warm and a bit chilly because it’s not lined.


Whenever it gets a bit on the colder side, or I want to make the outfit I’m wearing look super casual, I bring out my Docs. They are so beaten up, but I think that just makes me love them even more. They’re the comfiest, most durable shoes, and I don’t think I could ever bring myself to part with them.



This jumper I bought recently, and whenever it’s been cold enough to need a jumper it’s been my go-to. It’s so cute, and so easy to style because obviously, it’s just neutral colours so it goes with whatever. I also love the added bit of tan in there, because I think if it was just black and white it could be a bit stark.

And for the last outfit of this week, I’ve switched out the Rebecca Minkoff bag for my little Fendi rip off I spoke about in my october favourites.


Jumper: Gordon Smith – Skirt: Levis – Shoes: Dr Martens – Belt: Warehouse







I’m kind of trying to introduce a little bit more structure into what I’m posting on here, so I thought as well as my what I wore/did this week business I recently posted (and want to do my very best to continue to post weekly), I would start writing a monthly favourites post each month.


I’ve been a bit all over the place in terms of posting and the content that I’ve been writing. At this point, this blog is really just a place to share my thoughts, and nothing too serious, but I still want to be able to post content which is actually decent. So my thinking is to try and give myself a couple of posts each month/week or whatever, that will stay the same, hence the introduction of monthly favourites as opposed to a random post every now and then.


Anyway, my October favourites. This month there’s been a couple of things I’ve discovered/started using which I’ve lusted after, and some things I’ve had for a while and gone off, but then come back to and realised how much I loved them. I have been pretty selective with what I chose to write about though, so all these things are truly my favourites of the month.


In terms of skincare, I’ve got two products to talk about. Firstly, after trying so hard to get along with the Trilogy cleansing balm I was using for a while (I mentioned it in an older post) and just really not liking it at all, even though I wanted to, I picked up the Peach Soda Cleansing Balm by 16 Brand on a whim hoping it would work better for me than the previous one did. I love this cleansing balm so much. It’s very light feeling (which probably sounds strange) and quite oily. It smells like peach soda too, funnily enough. Apart from that though, it removes makeup really well and super fast without leaving a heavy residue on my skin.

Secondly is the Skyn Iceland The Antidote Cooling Daily Lotion. This has a gel formula which I love using as an everyday moisturiser, especially now that the weather is getting warmer and therefore my skin is going to get a bit oilier. What I really about this moisturiser though is that it’s cooling. It feels so nice to apply, especially on warmer days and days where I’m finding it harder than usual to keep myself awake. Other than that, this just works really well with my skin I think and I really like it.

Next: Makeup. My two new favourite foundations are both by the same brand, The Serum Foundation & The Coverage Foundation by The Ordinary. I LOVE these foundations. I spoke about the serum foundation in my everyday makeup routine and I’m still using it almost every day and just swapping it out for the coverage foundation when I want something with a little more coverage.


These foundations are exactly what they claim to be, so really they’re pretty simple, but it’s everything else about them that really has me hooked. They apply and sit on the skin beautifully, and they last and wear so well throughout the day. They also cost only $13.50 each and they have a really good shade selection. You can not go wrong with these.


Left: Serum Foundation in 1.0NS     Right: Coverage Foundation in 1.0N


Glossy lips are making a huge comeback and I am so about it, so I had to include my two favourite and most worn lipglosses from the month. First up is one I’ve loved for a while but has just been getting, even more, use lately, the NYX Butter Gloss in Madeleine. Everyone seems to love these glosses and there are definitely good reasons as to why. The formula is lovely, and the pigment throughout them is really great too. Plus they smell delicious.


Left: Fenty Beauty Gloss    Right: NYX Butter Gloss

And then we have the gorgeous Fenty Beauty Cosmic Gloss in Spacesuit. I don’t even know what to say in terms of this gloss other than I love it. Like the NYX one, the formula, pigment, and the smell are all wonderful. But it’s the almost duo-chrome finish and the sparkle (without feeling like your lips are coated in glitter and being completely over-the-top) that I love most. If you can still get your hands on the Fenty Galaxy collection and you’re thinking of treating yourself to something from it, I would recommend a gloss.

My last beauty related favourite this month is the Korres Vetiver Root Green Tea Cedarwood EDT . This is such a beautiful fragrance and I’m almost finished my bottle already after only having it for around 3 months.


I’m absolute shit at trying to describe scents, but it smells almost manly yet still feminine, which is probably my favourite type of smelling fragrance. I also get complimented on the way I smell when I wear this, which is always a good sign. I know that maybe this could be a bit too deep to wear when we get more into summer, but for now, I’m wearing this non-stop.

And my last favourite of october, my bag. I haven’t posted any photos of outfits with this bag included in them yet, mostly for the sole reason that this bag doesn’t even really have a brand or anything, and it’s just a massive rip-off of a Fendi Kan I.


Now, I really wish that this was a real Fendi handbag and not a rip-off, but unfortunately, I’m a 19 year old working in retail so the reality of that happening at this point in my life is entirely impractical. Even though it’s obviously not real Fendi, the bag is still made of real leather and it feels surprisingly sturdy. It fits a really decent amount of stuff in it too. The look of it is just too cute that I couldn’t not buy it when I had the chance. One day I’m wishing I’ll be replacing this with some real Fendi, but I guess we’ll see.




I think it goes without saying, but I am not a ‘proper’ blogger in any way, shape or form. So for me, I’ve been finding it hard to find inspiration on what I want to write about, without just turning this little blog of mine into a constant stream of favourites (which I will of course still write, but I don’t want that to become the only content that I’m posting). Especially considering the fact that I work full time throughout the week, I don’t get up to as many interesting things worth sharing as I wish, which can make thinking of things to share from my life much harder because I’m sure reading about an average week in my life would bore anyone who reads this to death.

Instead, I thought maybe I’d start off with sharing the few outfits I get to wear in a week when I’m not in my god-awful work uniform. I guess I wouldn’t completely rule out the idea of doing a weekly post on what I got up to as well as what I wore that week, but for now, while I’ve had nothing of note really going on in my average life I’m thinking I’ll just keep it nice and simple.


I don’t think I’ve shared this on here before but I work at Kmart (glamorous I know), so I am completely surrounded by all the goodies people post on those kmart style inspo instagrams all the time, and it can be pretty hard to resist buying a few things here and there when it’s all so stupidly cheap.

Anyway, the point of this is the other day we got in a new jumpsuit, and I bought it for myself straight away. It’s about 3/4 length on my very long legs, and it has the cutest little tie-up straps and a tie belt around the waist. Because of the neckline, I didn’t wear a bra with it (which if I can get away with not wearing a bra then I won’t). I guess the only thing I don’t like about it is the fact that when I need to go to the bathroom in this, I’m pretty much sitting there completely naked, but other than that for the price I paid for this, I’m a big fan.


Jumpsuit: Kmart

I’m writing this on Sunday, and yesterday I had two different outfits. The first was super casual obviously, considering all I really went out to do yesterday was grab a little snack for brunch and get my nails done.

I didn’t realise how shit the quality of iphone photos are in comparison the ones from my camera, so I apologise. Lately though I’ve had this vision of wearing cute slip dresses with sneakers, except I don’t have any trainer kind of shoes that are more ‘sneakery’ I guess than my vans, converse or stan smiths.

With this outfit, I decided to pair it with my stan smiths. I wore this dress and bag combo in a recent post, and I love it because you can chuck on almost any kind of shoe with it and you’ll look good. It was a little bit cold when I left the house so I just chucked on this light coat which has been perfect for the weather lately because it’s that sort of in-between of a coat and a cardigan (it’s also actually from kmart too).


I thought I’d chuck in a sneaky pic of my nails too because I’m in love with them. I get them done at Holy Nails & Spa in Dickson and they’re so good. They take so much care, so my nails always look amazing and my acrylics last so well too. If you’re in Canberra then I would highly recommend.


Jacket: Kmart – Dress: Things We Lost – Shoes: Adidas Stan Smiths – Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

Saturday night I had a dinner and drinks sort of thing to go to so I wanted to dress up just a lil bit, but not too much. Another thing I bought for myself this week was a super cute new dress from a brand called Beyond Her which they sell at Glue.


I think the brand is relatively new and so far I’ve seen some really cute things I’ve got my eyes on. The shoes I wore with this dress are pretty new to me as well, except with me being the complete mess I am, I didn’t get them in any of my photos.

I’m really into this style of dress lately, I think the fit is so flattering. I love the really straight neckline, and how the straps are positioned almost as close to the sides as possible, which makes me look a bit broader across my shoulders. I fits nice and tight around my bust and then cuts at the waist and is just slightly a-line, but in a way thats very subtle. Even though it is a short dress, it isn’t too short for me and my incredibly long legs which I appreciate.


Again I apologise for the shitty iphone quality.

Dress: Beyond Her

And finally my last outfit of the week, and after realising how awful the quality of iphone photos are I did force my sister into taking some pics on my camera for me instead, and I really like this outfit tbh.


I love this little button up top so much, it’s so cute and I love the creamy linen fabric it’s made with. It’s so easy to wear and looks so effortlessly good, especially with a button or two undone at the top.

These pants I also love but I hadn’t got much wear out of them since the weather’s been warmer. They have some orange and yellow running through the checks which I love, and I think because of that they don’t look so heavy and wintery and you can get away with wearing them into spring before it starts to get way too hot for pants. I personally think the fit is so flattering and they’re actually the perfect length for my legs (hardly anything ever is).


Again, I brought out my Rebecca Minkoff bag which I love very much, partly because it’s super sentimental to me because my boyfriend bought it for me as a 19th bday present, but also I just love how it looks. I’m not sure if they make this style anymore but I’m still into it, and it’s really small so it’s perfect for just going out to get coffee or any kind of weekend outing where you really don’t need much.


And my pink loafers make an appearance in this outfit too. I love loafers so much, I can’t see a point in time where I won’t love them.


Top: Things We Lost – Pants: Zara – Shoes: Hudson London – Bag: Rebecca Minkoff


I thought as a little follow up to my last post ( on my current makeup loves) I’d do a little one on all the styles/looks/trends I’m lusting over lately. This is going to be a bit of a random mix of fashion bits and pieces so this could very well be a bit of an all over the place post because, as it’s probably pretty apparent, I’m still trying to find my grasp on blogging. So please bear with me.

Winter is finally coming to a very highly anticipated end, and I have been preparing myself for warmer weather and getting seriously into the wrap/tea dress trend. I’ve bought two new ones this month, hoping to fulfill my want for a Realisation Par dress (because sadly I just don’t think I can justify that much money on a dress at this point in my life).


(Dress is from Forever New)

One is definitely just a classic wrap around design, and the other one is more like a tea dress, as it doesn’t wrap around but ties under the bust, and has sort of bell sleeves. Both are printed with spots, and I love them both so much. I’m obsessed and I can’t wait until it warms up more so that I can wear them absolutely non-stop, because I know that I will.

green dress 2

(Dress is from Alice In The Eve)

Loafers are my next thing. I own two pairs, both very Gucci-esque, both definitely still not Gucci (which does break my heart, but what can you do). I got my first pair a while ago, they’re just a very classic looking black backless pair with gold detailing, but having bought them at the start of winter I kind of just hadn’t been getting the wear out of them. Now that the weather isn’t absolutely freezing my feet as much I feel like I can start wearing them again, and I also bought myself another pair too. My new ones have backs and they’re the cutest blush pink colour which I think are going to look so cute with so many different outfits and I’m so excited to wear them more.


(Loafers are Hudson London)

Carrying on with the loafers, I’ve been loving pairing them with previously mentioned dresses (that goes without saying), but I’ve also been dying over how they look worn with ‘manly’ tees and cute, girly skirts. I’m a massive lover of balancing masculinity and femininity within outfits, and I think shoes can be the potentially the most difficult part of the balancing act. Big, oversized band t-shirts tucked into lovely and girly skirts is such a look in my opinion, and while an outfit like that looks good if you wear it with a pair of vans or converse, I think swapping them out for a pair of loafers just elevates the look as a whole and I am all about it. Slightly androgynous and very cool (in my personal opinion).


(Loafers from Decjuba)

The last bit that I want to give a shout out to in this post is my Timex watch. I got this watch for Christmas last year from my lovely boyfriend, but after I wore it a couple of times (for reasons still unknown) it just stopped working. Anyway, long story short we went and got it sorted out and now that I can wear it again I have fallen in love with it all over again. I’ve literally never in my life seen a watch that is so me. From the leather band, to the chronographs, and the beautiful green face, everything about this watch had me lusting after it from the second I saw it and I am so happy to have it back in my life.


I hope you enjoyed this little rundown of my style/fashion favs.

Emily x

_MG_6790Recently I bought myself a pair of checkered slip-on Vans and ever since I got them I’ve barely worn any other shoes. At first I thought they may be a bit difficult to style with outfits that aren’t completely boring otherwise but I’ve loved putting them with a bunch of different looks. So here I’ve put together a couple of my favourite outfits to wear them with, that I think are a bit more fun and interesting than just your standard t-shirt and jeans.

First though, a little on the shoes themselves. These shoes are so very comfortable. Before purchasing these I hadn’t owned a pair of Vans in probably around 4 years but I always remembered what comfy shoes they were. They don’t have to be broken in at all, they are so nice to wear from the day you buy them until the day they fall apart. I had been tossing up between this pair of vans and the old school style, and even though I love how the old school ones look I am so happy with my decision to buy these checkered ones. The fact that they’re slip-on was also a massive selling point for my lazy self. All in all I would 100% tell anyone who is considering buying a pair of Vans (whichever style) to go for it.

LOOK 1: Stripes

The first look I want to talk about is clashing with stripes. I love pattern clashing, and in my opinion stripes and checks look so cool when they’re paired together. I think it works nicest if you stick with black and white on both patterns instead of putting colour into the mix as well.


I also really like doing this look with cream and off-white tones. It makes the outfit as a whole look warmer, whereas if you did the look the same but used more true whites it would a lot more stark. I think these tones flatter my hair colour at the moment which is also always a plus.

Outfit Details:

Jacket is thrifted

Top is Kmart

Skirt is Lulu & Rose

LOOK 2: Colour Blocking


On the whole I feel like the whole colour blocking trend has had it’s time, I am so into the more recent trend of blocking red and pink together.

Taking these two colours that aren’t usually paired together makes such a cool combination in my eyes, and while this outfit is traditionally pretty basic (just being a t-shirt and pair of jeans), the red and pink makes it just that little bit more interesting and fun. I just am super into how this looks with my Vans, I think everything put together all compliments each other so well.


Outfit Details:

T-shirt and belt are from Kmart

Jeans are Missguided

Sunglasses are Decjuba

LOOK 3: Double Checks

The last look and my personal favourite, is pairing checks with more checks. Even though this is still kind of pattern clashing (like the first look), I think doing double checks looks so good and different in the way that is more like repetition than just basic clashing.


Because the focus of this outfit is once again on the patterns, I’ve kept the colours pretty neutral so I don’t take much away from that.

Also, I am absolutely in love with this blazer. I love how put together but still effortless it looks being the longline style that it is, just thrown on over a skirt and t-shirt. The brand is Jaeger (which is a relatively expensive brand) but I was lucky enough to find this in an op-shop which I was honestly so ecstatic about. Even though the jacket is thrifted, I’m pretty sure that is style is quite classic for the brand so something similar would still be available.

Outfit Details:

Jacket is Jaeger (thrifted)

T-shirt is Kmart

Skirt is Zara

Sunglasses are Decjuba


I also need to give a quick shoutout to my gorgeous and most helpful friend Ash for taking these photos for me, lots of love

Hope you enjoyed reading this, love emily. x