everyday makeup essentials

I feel like I haven’t done a post solely about makeup in a little while, I think because on a day to day basis I really haven’t been wearing a lot of it. However, I’ve realised I have a few bits than I almost can’t go without which I wanted to go through today. I’ve been loving a very skin like and natural base, with a lot of glow, and simple eyes, so it’s super simple.

I don’t wear foundation everyday, but when I do the one I’ve been reaching for the most often lately is the IT Cosmetics CC Cream ($61). I’ve had this before and just recently repurchased it and fallen in love all over again. It definitely has more coverage than your average cc cream, but the texture and finish is so so nice.

I’ve been using the RMS Beauty “un”cover-up concealer ($52) for a few months now and I really love it. A lot of the time I’ll just use concealer as my base, and this works so nicely for that. It’s so light and creamy in texture, so it lays on top of the skin so nicely. Before I bought this I was using the Nars soft matte concealer, and this definitely isn’t as thick and high coverage as that, but I love the finish of it so much, and the way it just blends into the skin so seamlessly. Very good for that ‘no-makeup’ makeup look.

I have never understood how some people don’t powder their face, maybe it’s because my skin definitely needs to be set or the makeup I’ve put on will surely just slide right off. I absolutely love the dewy look, but I know that I could never leave my makeup not set with a powder, so I like to use something quite light so I can still try and achieve something similar. For the past while I’ve been using the Too Faced Born This Way Ethereal Setting Powder ($46). I always go for a translucent loose powder, and this one is really good. It’s lasted me quite a while too, which is what you want with products you use almost everyday.

If I’m doing this easy makeup I’ll usually not bother with blush or contour because the coverage is so light that the colour on my cheeks comes through, but I will always use highlighter. I’m running low on my Fenty Beauty highlighter ($50), because I’ve been using it a lot again lately. I love applying it with my beauty blender, it just seems to help it melt into the skin and look so glowy, but not at all like a massive stripe of highlight on my cheek. I use the duo in the shades Lightning Dust/Fire Crystal FYI.

I use one eyeshadow all through the crease and onto the lid, and I love a warm tan shade for this. My favourite one for quite a while actually is from the Nars Man Ray eyeshadow palette, which was limited edition unfortunately, but it is beautiful. I’m sure there are a bunch of colours out there that are similar, but this is just the one I’ve been loving lately and using almost everyday.

And the last step, and one that I’ll almost never miss, setting spray. I love MAC Fix+ ($36), and I know it’s not really for extending the wear of your makeup, but I love the way it just meshes all the powders and makeup together, and kind of helps them melt into your skin. I feel like I’ve constantly been repeating throughout this post that I love to look dewy and natural, and this is that final little step that just completes it.

back to basics



old inspiration

Since January my family home has been getting renovated, and it’s only just sort of just finished up enough to start bringing all of my things out of storage and back into my room, and I’ve been sorting through all my goodies as I’ve been doing it. So as I’ve been going through my mountains of belongings, I’ve been trying to cull a lot because admittedly, I’m a little bit of a hoarder, and the other day I found a pile of magazines that for some reason I’d been holding onto for years. I was just going to get rid of them all because some of them were dated all the way back to 2012, but as I was having a little flick through them I realised there was actually quite a bit throughout them that I still seriously loved. I thought it would be fun to share some of the inspo that the images have given me, how the styles and trends translate into things I’d actually wear, and I to try and find some items online that I’d actually be able to get my hands on now.

I ripped up quite a few magazines, all of them being RUSSH (which is for sure one of my favourite fashion magazines) except for one issue of Nylon in the mix too. They ranged from 2012 until sometime last year, so they’re a bit all over the place and because I didn’t think of it at the time, I didn’t actually record what pages I got out of which issue (so annoyed at myself about that but there’s not much I can do now). Now there’s a lot, so I’ll probably write up another one of these, and I’m just going to include some of the bits I super love in this one otherwise this post would go for absolutely ages.

I am a huge sucker for snakeskin anything, and I found this same pair of knee high Gucci snakeskin boots come up 3 times in these different magazines. These boots are just the best, and after seeing them I want a pair so bad. I would have no clue if Gucci still does these boots, or even something similar, but I definitely couldn’t afford a pair of Gucci boots at this point in my life anyway. After falling in love with these I went on a lil bit of a hunt for some snakeskin boots. I found this pair from Office which I’ve now become absolutely obsessed with. They’re really not very similar to these ones, but I think they are definitely more wearable because they’re not a knee high boot. I just love the snakeskin on them, and the overall design features.

The Elle Knee Boot from Dear Frances (pictured on the left) reminds me so much of the overall shape of these Gucci ones. Unfortunately they don’t come in any snakeskin prints, which is so sad because they would be so beautiful. I love the Dear Frances boots so much and I would love a pair for myself, but they’re quite expensive, cheaper than a pair of Gucci boots, but still not in my price range.

I’ve seriously fallen in love with these leather pants. I feel like so often leather pants being sold in high street kind of stores seem to be tight, and for me I’m just not super into that look. These however, are so perfectly baggy and straight cut. In the photo the leather just looks so buttery and soft, which makes them look even slouchier. I’ve been trying to find pants similar but it’s proving to be really hard.





By far the majority of leather pants that I’ve been finding in the places I would normally shop are skinny or slim leg styles, but I did find a pair on I Am Gia (pictured either side) that I seriously love. I feel like I Am Gia is a little bit hit or miss for me, and there seems to be this divide where people seem to hate it or love it. In the past they’ve brought things out that I absolutely hated, and also some things that I really liked. The pants that I found on their website still aren’t quite as baggy as these ones, but they’re the most straight cut style I’ve come across, and while they’re not real leather, I don’t really mind all that much.










Little silky 90’s inspired dresses are such an easy staple look, and they’re so perfect for summer. I have a couple of cowl neck satin dresses with spaghetti straps, and of course that style I’ll always love, but I want to try and find some other options that I’ll love as much. I really love mixing lace and silk, but I don’t actually own any pieces with both fabrics, and considering how many clothes I own this is a bit surprising. I found two different dresses that I adore, both are a bit on the pricier side, but because they would be such a go to for me I’m sure I’d get my moneys worth. The first dress is from Cloud Hunter (pictured on the left), which is an ethical brand from California. The dress is expensive but it’s made to order, 100% silk and it’s just beautiful. Also comes in mini, midi and maxi length which is so cool. The second dress is from Are You Am I (pictured below – front & back), and this one is even more expensive than the last, but I haven’t seen much around like it lately. I seriously adore the square neck line on it, and with the lace straps and chiffon tie back, it all just pulls together and looks super angelic.

Both of these brands in general have a lot of pieces that fit into this whole sort of aesthetic without being necessarily just silk and lace, and if I had the money to be spending on beautiful clothes right now, I would definitely be paying the money.

This post is a bit different than things I’ve posted in the past, but I hope any of you reading it really did enjoy it as much as I loved putting it together.





Are You Am I - Esta Silk DressAre You Am I - Esta Silk Dress




why i blog & a blazer that needs more wear

I know lately my posts have been a bit few and far between, but I’d much rather put out blog posts that I’m actually happy with the quality of, instead of just pumping out content which I don’t feel like are even good. I really felt like I wanted to just write something that wasn’t really fashion or beauty based today, and just take a little bit of time to spill my brains. So I’ve got some rap going in the background, which for some reason is my favourite music to listen to while I’m writing, and I wanted to kind of explain why I even started my blog in the first place.

I think to preface this I have to say that I have always been obsessed with fashion. Not always in a kind of “conventional” designer and trend knowledge based kind of way, but I’ve always, like ever since I can remember just loved clothes and the way people put them together and express themselves through them. I was always the kid that everyone in my family would ask for fashion advice, and looking back I have no clue why because for a lot of the time when I was younger I didn’t even dress very well at all. I would drool over the Devil Wears Prada, and spend so so much time just flipping through fashion magazines and showing my family what I liked and didn’t. However, even though I loved this world so much, I remember never really wearing what I wanted to because I was kind of scared. To me now that just seems so insane because the things that I thought were a bit ‘too much’ for me back then are things I wear almost as my go to pieces now. For example, before I bought my Doc Martens about 5 years ago now, I didn’t think they would suit me, which is fucking crazy because my docs are probably my most worn and beloved shoe ever.

So moving forward in my life a little bit, and getting a bit deep, but I’ve always kind of struggled with my mental health, and I’ve been through some really low points and what seemed to be the only thing I could bring myself to actually be able to still get myself motivated enough to try with were my creative subjects. Throughout high school and college these were pretty much always the same; textiles (fashion) and photography, and I was pretty good at them when I could get myself motivated enough to try hard, and I did get a few awards for textiles in particular.

After I left school my mental health sort of went downhill again, I think just the major lifestyle change of not having the constant routine because at the time I was only working on a casual basis really was a bit of a shock to the system, so I started to really try and focus more on being creative. During my first year out of school I really didn’t do much at all, and it really did bring me down a bit, it was a bit of a tough year for me, not gonna lie. I started getting really into more fashion bloggers and youtubers, whereas before I pretty much exclusively watched beauty and makeup based videos. I was sooo very inspired by this, and I began thinking about how much I would love to do it too. I was really worried about being judged of course, I was 18-19 at this time and while the super bitchiness of being a teenager was pretty much over, putting myself out there onto the internet like this made me (and still does to an extent) make me feel really vulnerable.

I finally started my blog after thinking about it for ages and talking to my boyfriend and some of my closest friends about it, who all were so supportive and told me I should just go for it, which I think was the kind of push I needed. Sugarhoneyicedtee.com was born a little over a year ago, and while I’ve really never been consistent with posting for different reasons, I’ve loved having a proper hobby, which I haven’t felt like I’ve had in quite a while. I’m one of those people who needs to be creative, and this is my way of fulfilling that for myself. So really that’s why I blog, more than anything, it’s just for myself.


On to a bit of a lighter note, earlier I spoke about when I was younger not wearing things because I’d been too ‘scared’ to, and while as I’ve gotten older I’ve pretty much gotten over this, there’s still some things that I absolutely love in my wardrobe but don’t wear enough for one reason or another, this amazing blazer being one of them. I love this blazer so much, I’ve literally done a whole post dedicated to it in the past, but it just doesn’t get the wear that it deserves. I think sometimes it makes me look to old, and if I’m wearing to on an everyday basis just to go shopping or whatever I feel a bit too dressed up. I think some of this is attributed to where I live, but I think I need to force myself into wearing this sometimes, because I honestly do feel amazing in it, and I personally think I can make it look pretty cool.

If you’ve read this whole post then thank you, it’s definitely been one of my longer ones, but it’s also been something I just really wanted to put out there. I do view my blog as a kind of a personal place, obviously there are things I would probably never share so openly on the internet but for me this is something I think should be spoken about more, and it’s okay to be struggling a bit and just do things for yourself instead of worrying too much about if other people are gonna hate it or not.

how I do: midi skirts

I’ve been seeing midi skirts absolutely everywhere lately, so many of my favourite fashion inspirations (Lucy Williams, Devon Carlson just to name 2) have been rocking them and looking amazing.  Especially slip ones like this dreamy Realisation Par style which I’m seriously drooling over but are a bit on the pricey side unfortunately, have been coming up all over my instagram, but since almost everyone I’ve seen wearing them lives in the northern hemisphere where it’s been beautiful and hot, I’ve been waiting for it to warm up a little down here.

I decided to get myself one and jump on the bandwagon, and I’m obsessed. I got mine off Princess Polly from a brand called Rumor. I just bought it in my normal size (an 8), and it fits true to size. Something to keep in mind looking of the photos of it on me, I’m tall (like almost 6ft tall) and my height is made up completely of my legs and my torso is pretty small length ways, so the skirt is more like a knee length on me than it would be on majority of other people. Because my torso is so short, is sits a lot higher on my waist and comes up to around just below my bust. And lastly I have to mention the insane snakeskin print all over it, I’m obsessed. I’ve put together 3 outfits which I would wear with this one skirt, and it’s been really quite easy to style.

This top is one of those pieces that I think everyone should have some sort of version on in their wardrobe. Tops like this are so easy to throw on with just about anything, and there’s so many variations of this style so I feel like there’ll be something for everyone. Mine is from Weekday, and while I didn’t buy this I was given it by a friend, I would not hesitate to buy more with my own money. This one is a size medium, which is fine but if I buy another I think I would prefer it in a small which is my usual size. I’ve tied it in a little knot at the front because I feel like it looks better with the high waist of the skirt.

My boots are from Kmart, surprising I know, but for the price I think they’re so good. I wore them quite a bit when I first got them at the start of winter, and while I don’t wear them constantly now, they were so cheap that if I’m still wearing them occasionally then I don’t think it’s a waste at all. They’re also pretty comfy, better than you would expect. (please ignore how gross and dirty they are)

Top: Weekday (couldn’t find the same colour but you can get the same style here) / Skirt: Princess Polly / Shoes: Kmart (old and not available online anymore) 

Shockingly I’ve put another crop with this skirt, however it’s a very different style to the first. This is the one and only off shoulder top I own. Personally it’s really just not a style I’m that into, and I do feel like it’s been massively overdone, however this one I just was drawn too. It was probably the white crochet that got me, and also the fact that you can wear it sitting on your shoulders as well as off them if you want. I put my Stan Smiths on with this because I am a huge sucker for matchy matchy colours, so white shoes to go with the white top makes sense to me. Of course I could wear this with almost any shoes; slides, boots, other sneakers etc. and it would look good because of how neutral the colours in the outfit are.

Top: H&M (from last summer so not available anymore but something similar here) / Shoes: Adidas

This last outfit that I’ve put together is definitely the one that I would wear the most at this point in time because it’s so good for this transitional weather. I haven’t been a huge cardigan lover for years now, and when I was younger and wore them all the time it was always the very thin knits that I definitely wouldn’t wear these days. However, I’m really into these chunky knits, especially cropped ones that I can wear done up and without anything underneath. I bought this one last year and I love the colour, and I’m always a sucker for brown tortoiseshell buttons which this has too. Like I said, I have a very short torso so while this cardigan is a bit cropped on me, on someone with a more normal length torso it would be shorter.

I’ve put this with my beloved Docs, which honestly I would’ve put with every outfit in this post because I just think they look so good with this skirt. I always love the look of tough looking boots with pretty and girly skirts/dresses, I really love the contrast of it. Mine are so very beat up, but I don’t mind the look of it, I feel like it adds to the overall aesthetic.

Cardigan: ASOS (the same one isn’t available anymore but something similar herehere) / Shoes: Doc Martens