my everyday jewellery

As much as I love jewellery, I really like to keep what I wear kind of simple and always the same. Once I find a necklace or a ring I love, I really stick to wearing it everyday. I’m also super lazy with my jewellery and I rarely will ever take it off (not even to shower or sleep, which is kind of bad I guess). At the moment I’m really in love with all the pieces I wear day to day, and I’m not planning on changing them anytime soon so I thought I would have a little chat about them all.

Firstly, my rings. I wear two rings on each hand, but I’ll talk about one hand at a time, and I guess I’ll start with my right hand which is the left in the photo.

My dad bought me this claddagh ring the first time he went to Ireland a few years ago. He bought it at a store in Galway which claims to be where the claddagh ring was first created and sold, and when me and my dad were in Galway earlier this year we went back there to get one for my little sister. I just think these rings are so special, if you’re not familiar with them they’re those rings you turn one way if you’re single and then the other way if your heart is taken. It’s the only piece of silver jewellery I still wear, and maybe one day I would prefer a gold one to match my other pieces but this one has that sentimentality attached to it because my dad bought it for me.

The other ring I wear on this hand is my second newest one I own. This was a gift for my 20th birthday from my parents, so this one also is more sentimental to me. I think my mum would’ve definitely picked it out, but she got it so right because emerald jewellery is very very me. It’s really cute and simple, it just has the little crystals on both sides and then the emerald in the centre. It’s from Prouds which is my go to like kind of in store place for jewellery because I love that they have a pretty big range of pieces with emeralds and other gem stones.

I have another emerald ring from Prouds on this hand too, this one has three emeralds across it and I’m pretty sure they’re crushed diamonds on the band. I bought this one for myself at the end of last year in the boxing day sales. Another reason I find prouds to be so good for me is they always seem to have really good sales and include so many of the rings with gem stones in them, so I got this for half price as a little gift to myself and I haven’t taken it off since.

Lastly is my latest purchase, this adorable squiggle ring from By G. through the Iconic. I just thought this would be such a cute addition to my little ring collection I have going on. I really love it and I just hadn’t seen anything like this around before I found this, so I felt like I had to have it.

Next is my necklaces. I always love wearing two together, and I’ve been wearing the Missoma one for a while and interchanging the necklace I would wear with it because none of them were particularly good quality so they’d never last long on me. My boyfriend got the Missoma necklace for me as a christmas gift. It’s from their Lucy Williams collection, who is just so so cool I’m so into everything she does, and it’s on one of their bobble chains with a green malachite stone. It’s not emerald like on my rings, but from a distance where you can only see the colours of the stones it looks like they could all perfectly match. I adore this necklace and I have literally had it around my neck since last christmas day and it’s holding up amazingly.

My other necklace is another new purchase and it’s from Wanderlust & Co., and I think it is such a good companion for my little green necklace. I’m very into the whole coin necklace look, but a lot of the ones I seem very drawn to have some sort of religious insignia on them, and I’m not religious so I kind of wanted something a little different. This one is space theme really, and my favourite thing about it and what really drew me into buying it is the fact that it spins, so you can switch between the two sides of the disc. This brand has some super cute pieces that are relatively pretty affordable considering the quality, so I’d definitely recommend looking into them if you’re after something a little different.


revisiting my latest new in post

I’ve seen a few people do this on youtube, mainly Lizzy from Shotfromthestreet who I love and is a big inspiration for me, and I thought it was such a good idea so I’m going to do my own. I shop quite a lot, especially when I compare my shopping habits to a lot of my friends, because in all honesty I just really love clothes. However, sometimes I really don’t get the use out of what I buy, and I think looking back on my purchases in this way might encourage me to shop smarter, and really consider how things would fit into my wardrobe and if I’m actually going to get the wear out of them before I spend my hard earned dollars on them.

So firstly we have this top I bought from Bardot. I thought I was going to wear this so much and I really haven’t. This ring pull style in general I love, but the only top I’ve worn of the couple that I own is a really basic black one from H&M. I think the reason I haven’t worn this that much though is because I don’t know if I love how it looks on me with jeans. I’m thinking when it’s not as freezing and I can get away with pairing this with a denim skirt and without a jacket on top I’ll be more inclined to wear it. I do love the style of it though so I do really want to make a more conscious effort to wear it.

Next was the skirt I also got from Bardot on the same day. I haven’t worn this yet either, but I’m going to put that down to it just being way too cold for me to even really consider wearing a skirt. I think when it gets a bit warmer this will be one of my go to going out skirts, and I do think I’ll get my wear out of it then. I have looked at it in my wardrobe just sitting there and wanted to wear it, but this weather has just not wanted me to. I just think I bought this at the wrong time of year, because I can already see myself wearing it out with a black singlet and docs.

Yet again another item I bought have not worn, the checkered pants from H&M. I bought these mostly because there was a different pair that I loved but they didn’t have in my size, so I kind of just bought these in place of them. I need to remember to tell myself not just to buy the second option because it’s there and my first choice isn’t, because really they just won’t get worn as much as I told myself they would. Partly, I think the fact that they aren’t very high waisted does have a bit to do with it, because I’m not really into how jumpers look with pants that are more that sort of mid rise waist. Again, I feel like maybe in the spring when it’s a little warmer and I can wear these with just a plain little singlet I’ll get more wear out of them, but if I don’t I’ll definitely be selling them on.

Lastly, an actual successful purchase, the H&M knitted jumper. I have worn this jumper so much, in fact I actually was wearing it earlier today and have only taken it off because my room is too hot for a jumper. I’ve worn it out during the day but I also love just wearing it around the house to be all comfy and warm. I love the colour, and I especially love the shape of it with the balloon sleeves and the slightly cropped length. It has got a percentage of wool in it which does make it a lil itchy but I put up with it because it makes me really nice and warm, and I just really love how it looks. This is for sure something I would buy again (if I didn’t have such a stupid collection of knitted jumpers).

At the end of the day I’m always going to be consuming quite a bit of fashion because I just love it, but I think taking a second look and really thinking about what I do and don’t wear will just help me make more informed and slightly smarter purchases, and really make sure that the things I do end up buying are worth it for me and not just a kind of waste.

disposable diary 4

I just went down my old posts and I have not done a disposable diary since May, wtfff. I’ve filled two cameras since then so I’m going to do a separate post for each one so it’s not too massive, but I’m honestly shocked that I haven’t been taking as many photos as I usually do and that I’ve taken so long to get my film developed. I’ve only done 3 of these posts so far on my blog but I think it’s pretty safe for me to say that they’re my favourites to write and make. These were the first posts that I started to edit the photos kinda heavily on, and I think the vibe that I got from them has really influenced me to spread that throughout all my posts, therefore really making them and my little space here more reflective of me.

Anyway, that was probably such a bunch of rambly nonsense, I hope you enjoy this post and my little film moments. Some of these are from back in June, but my next one of these will have the more recent pictures.

My corset is vintage from on instagram, they have some super cute pieces

Btw, if you live in or around Canberra the walk up to Gibraltar Peak is lovely (I’m super unfit so the last part uphill killed a little part of me, but it’s worth it).

why I love second hand shopping

I’ve always loved shopping at salvos and vintage stores. I’ve spoken about it briefly in a blog post a while ago, but I thought I’d write something a little more in depth. Over the last couple of years it’s become a cool thing to shop at salvos, which I loved because people wouldn’t judge me like they had before for wearing peoples old clothes. I never understood why people would have a problem with that, all you have to do is wash what you bought before you wear it and there’s no problem.

Over the years I have acquired so so so many pieces of clothing from salvos, some of it I’ve kept a hold of and have worn to death, and other things I really just never wore and just ended up donating them again. If you know me you would probably have realised that I have an actual shopping problem. It’s something that seems really silly, but I’m trying hard to not spend so much money on clothes, which is part of the reason I love going to second hand shops if I’m in the mood to just browse around when I know I’m in the mood to go shopping but don’t need to spend money on anything.

All of the clothes in this post are from a second hand stores like salvos or vinnies, or are vintage pieces. I love having pieces of clothing that other people aren’t going to have, and there is no place better to shop for that than thrifting. A lot of things that I’ve bought I’ve kind of altered myself, I really don’t take a lot of care when I do this, but I don’t mind the look of a frayed hem here or there. When I’m shopping I always have this in mind, so if I see something that has some sort of detail I’m not super into but can have a quick fix, I’ll get it. If I’m buying from stores this is not the mindset I’ll have, because if I’m paying full price for a piece of clothing I want it to look and fit like a glove.

I love experimenting with clothing, but when you’re on a retail salary buying pricier clothes that you aren’t sure if you’ll get the cost per wear out of, isn’t really the smartest thing to be spending your money on.

some new things

Lately I feel like I’ve been shopping a bit more than usual, which is a little bit of a problem because I’ve been spending waaaay too much money on clothing especially. But I wanted to share a couple of things that I love while they’re still available for you guys to buy. I’ve been kind of stuck with my style lately and feeling so sick of so many of my clothes, so I did go a lil overboard but I do love the things I’ve bought so I wanted to share them in case any of you decide you like them and wanna pick them up too.

I got this top from Bardot, somewhere I don’t shop very often; Firstly, because a lot of the clothes they sell there just aren’t super appealing to me, and secondly because as a general rule I think the quality of a lot of their pieces really doesn’t correlate with the pretty high prices of them. This top however, I couldn’t leave the shop without. Anything with this high neck-zip up-ring pull detail is a massive yes for me right now, paired with the almost orseund iris-esque under bust detail, and on top of that the perfect forest green colour, this top was literally made for me. Yes, I do think this was overpriced for what it is, it does feel like a nice quality knit.

Top: Bardot / Jeans: Vintage Versace / Shoes: Vans

I also bought another piece from Bardot while I was there, which is kind of like a mock croc faux leather brown skirt, which I loooove. It wasn’t as expensive for what it is as the top was, I actually think it was really well priced. It’s kind of weird so I don’t think it’s going to be to everyone’s taste but I think it’s really cute and I’ll be able to pair it with a lot of really basic tops to spice things up a bit.

The jumper is from H&M, and I have to say, H&M’s winter pieces are honestly 100% better than their summer clothing. I have a couple of knitted jumpers from H&M and I think they are SO good for the price you pay. This jumper in particular is a little more expensive than some of the others they sell, but it has 19% mohair and 13% wool within it’s fibre content, which just makes it nicer quality than just a regular acrylic knit. The wool makes it a little scratchy around the neck but it makes it a really nice warm jumper so in all honesty I don’t mind too much.

My sister told me this outfit was “so fucking ugly” but oh I don’t even really care at this point.

Jumper: H&M / Skirt: Bardot / Shoes: Decjuba

Lastly for this post is a pair of pants from H&M, so really this is just a collection of a few things from Bardot and H&M I guess. Originally I wanted a different pair of checkered pants from H&M but they’re made very small so my normal size hardly fits me, and every time I’ve been in to look for them they didn’t have them in the size I need, but I did end up finding another pair which actually fit properly so I’m happy (although I’ll still be looking for my size in the ones I originally wanted). I’ve had a thing for checkered pants for quite a while now, and more and more places are starting to sell really cute ones which is amazing. Plus, these are just such a good fit, they really flatter you around the bum and then go into a slim leg, which is a kind of fit that I think always looks good.

Top: Vintage (not even mine but I think it was from Cream on King) / Pants: H&M / Shoes: Decjuba / Belt: Warehouse