vinyl jackets & britney moments

I’ve finally got around to taking photos for a fashion post, so that’s what I’ve got for you today. It’s been a hot minute since my last outfit/fashion post, but I’m really excited about these pieces and I’m actually super into these two outfits I put together. Also, as a bit of a side note, I cut half of my hair off. I’ve had long hair for years and years, and I’ve been thinking about chopping it off for a while, but I was feeling impulsive last sunday and I just did it myself. I cut my own fringe last year, but I’d never cut the lengths of my hair before which had been my main reason for not doing it earlier, but I just got sick of waiting to get myself to a hairdressers. I’m honestly so happy I finally did it though, I think I needed a bit of a change, and I love it.

I’m also not too sure what’s been happening with my camera, I think it’s probably mostly just the fact it’s pretty old and worn out, but a lot of the photos I’ve been taking on it are turning out a bit strange. The photos in this post were taken at night, but the room was completely lit at the flash was on, so I’m not quite sure why they’ve come out so dimly lit, but I actually really like the cosy feel of them so I’m not too bothered.

Vinyl is really on trend right now, and I am obsessed with it. It’s been around for a little while, but it’s so accessible now and there are so many different options to choose from depending on what you’re after. Personally, I think my favourite way to wear vinyl, and in my opinion the easiest way, is with a jacket. In terms of clothing, I think jackets are really easy to experiment with if you’re wanting to try something new.

I found this jacket at TK Maxx, and it’s by a brand I’ve never heard of before. Usually when I find stuff I love at TK Maxx, it’s by brands that I have no clue at all about. I’m really not bothered by that though, because what I find there is so cheap. This jacket is a little bit of a statement for some people, but I think it’s so cute. I love the colour, and I think that it works really nicely with the vinyl. A coloured jacket or coat of some sort I think is a necessity in anyone’s closet, and red seems to be such an easy colour to put with pretty much anything. Here I just chucked it on over the top of an all black outfit. The knit top is cropped with a ring pull detail I’m obsessed with, and my pants have a pinstripe going through them, which adds a bit more depth.

Jacket: Coffee Shop NYC / Top: H&M / Pants: Vintage / Shoes: Kmart

This next jacket is my new favourite thing. I’ve only had it in my possession for about a week and I’ve already worn it everyday and had a bunch of compliments on it. I bought it because even though I own a lot of jackets, I felt like I didn’t have a super duper warm jacket that I could just throw on with anything and it would look good and keep me warm.

It’s from ASOS’s own brand, and I bought it on sale for $100. I’ve been after a jacket in this style for a while, but I felt like so many of them just looked exactly the same, and also that so many people were wearing them. This one really drew me in because it just looks different to majority of the other ones out there. Plus it is so warm, like incredibly warm. Unlike so many jackets I’ve seen in the past, the borg lining goes through the entire jacket, not just the parts which can be seen when it’s on.

The rest of this outfit is nothing new, the shirt I’ve mentioned in another blog post and I love putting a cropped knit under a massive jacket. The jeans are vintage versace that my sister found at salvos and then gave to me in exchange for some kfc. Shoes are the same as the last outfit, from Kmart, they’re by no means the best shoes but I really like the way they look, and I think they’re pretty good for the price I paid for them.

Jacket: ASOS / Top: Urban Outfitters x Unif / Jeans: Vintage Versace / Shoes: Kmart

feeling comfortable

Lately I’ve really been trying to better myself and just feel much more comfortable with the person that I am. I think that sometimes people focus too hard on trying to be perfectly happy, and while that would definitely be amazing, I personally don’t always see that as being able to be a reality. Sometimes this makes me feel like maybe I’m a bit pessimistic, but I think I’m just trying to be realistic and to aspire to getting to a place in my life where I won’t always be hoping for more than I have.

This is a really personal thing for me to be writing about on here, where I know that people that I don’t know, and even people who do know me will all be able to read it. I’ve always wanted for this blog to be a space where I can share absolutely anything I want, instead of trying to only show parts of myself that I think other people would want to see.

For a while I think I did try and sort of focus on only fashion on here for a period of time, and while I’m definitely still going to write about and incorporate fashion and clothing on here, that wouldn’t be a genuine and full representation of who I am.

Anyway, I’ve already rambled A LOT but I haven’t even really started to talk about what I was planning to in this post. My whole life I’ve really struggled with feeling comfortable in my own skin, and over the last year I think I’m finally starting to learn to accept myself more than ever. It has taken me years to get to the place and better mindset that I’m in right now. A major part of it might just be growing up, but there’s things I do that make me feel more confident too.

It’s probably a very superficial thing, but something that has made me feel so much more confident over the past year is having eyelash extensions. I always, without a doubt, used to wear a full face of makeup wherever I was going. It didn’t matter if I was literally going to the supermarket with my mum, or to work, I would put it all on. For the last couple of weeks the only makeup I’ve worn to work is some brow gel and mascara on my bottom lashes. For me this is just insane, and I think it all really started when I got my lashes done. I just feel like I don’t need to wear makeup as often, and I wear it now if I want to, not just because I don’t feel confident enough to leave the house without it.

When I started taking much better care of my skin this made me feel so much better about myself. My skin right now is definitely not perfect, but it’s the best that it’s been in a long time. I think it’s really down to me cutting back on all the products I use and focusing on using a good exfoliant and moisturiser. Also lots of lip balm, and of course drinking a lot of water.

In these photos I’m wearing hardly any makeup at all. I put some brow gel in, mascara for my bottom lashes, a little bit of eyeshadow, and a bit of highlighter on my cheekbones and nose. For me, that’s a big step. I usually would never have even taken photos of myself with this little makeup on, and now I’ve taken a whole bunch, and are posting them on the internet for whoever to see.

For years I tried to force myself to feel happy about the way I look, but now I feel like it’s much more important to just feel comfortable with who you are. It’s hard and it takes time, but I think I’m really starting to get there. I guess that’s the whole point of this post, sorry for rambling on so much.

Top: Mello Day / Jeans: Versace (Vintage) / Boots: Kmart / Bag: Love Stitch

disposable diary 2

My second disposable diary, and I really have loved doing these first two posts. I use disposable cameras like no tomorrow, and recently I finally discovered a place that develops film on site and can scan the prints onto a usb for me, which makes it so easy for me to share all my film photos in much better quality than I had been. I filled this camera pretty quickly, I think a massive part of that is attributed to knowing I was going to put together another one of these posts and being excited about it. Some of the photos from this camera I haven’t added however, because I really want to start incorporating film photos into the rest of my posts.

I honestly think these posts are the most genuinely ‘me’ out of everything I write and share on here. I know they’re very simple and short but I really do hope anyone taking the time to read them, likes them as much as I do.

things that shouldn’t work

If you know me, you know that while I really do love fashion and pulling together pretty outfits, a lot of the time I just kind of throw things together and hope that I can pull it off. Sometimes I don’t even make much of an effort, I sort of just guess if something will look good and hope for the best. Occasionally I look back on these and I hate the outfit I’d put on, but other times I actually like my quickly put together looks.

The night I took these photos was one of those occasions where I actually like my outfit, even though it’s something that really shouldn’t work together at all. Everything I’m wearing I love on their own, and I can easily say that I would never usually think to put them together if I was properly planning an outfit.

My house has been getting renovated over the past few months, and lately I’ve been staying with my boyfriend, so obviously I don’t have my entire wardrobe full of options like I usually would. I’m definitely a lot more limited than I like to be with my clothing, meaning I sometimes just have to make do, because I’m not about to go all the way to my place just to grab a different jacket or whatever, just to go do nothing really important.

This jacket makes me feel like Georgie in It, at the start of the movie when he wears a yellow raincoat just like this one, then proceeds to get his arm bitten off by the clown in the drain. I found it at TK Maxx, but its by French Connection. I think it’s so cute, the fact that it’s a perfect yellow makes me feel so happy. It’s lined nicely which is a plus, the only other raincoat I own is really just a shell, so you have to wear layers underneath, but this you can get away with none.

The Levi’s top is vintage, and the pants I bought from Mango while I was in Ireland. A green top and a pair of brown cords is not something I would usually ever think to put with each other, let alone with a yellow jacket added into the mix. Even though this outfit doesn’t really work technically, to me it still kinda does.

Btw I know the quality of these photos is horrific but I just couldn’t get my camera to work so they were all just taken on my phone.

Top: Vintage Levi’s / Jacket: French Connection / Pants: Mango / Shoes: Doc Martens

disposable diary 1

Anyone who really knows me knows that I love disposable cameras, and that I almost always have one on me. I take a lot of photos and I wanted to do something with them, so I thought what better way than to share them on here. I can’t commit to any sort of time frame with these, like a week or month, so I’m thinking that just whenever I get a camera developed I’ll just make a little post to share some of the photos. I hope you guys like this, I’m trying to make my blog a little bit more personal and not just feeling like I’m writing for the sake of it, and in turn sharing things that don’t even really represent me as a person. This type of post is something that’s very me, so I hope you like a little snippet of my life on film.