everyday makeup essentials

I feel like I haven’t done a post solely about makeup in a little while, I think because on a day to day basis I really haven’t been wearing a lot of it. However, I’ve realised I have a few bits than I almost can’t go without which I wanted to go through today. I’ve been loving a very skin like and natural base, with a lot of glow, and simple eyes, so it’s super simple.

I don’t wear foundation everyday, but when I do the one I’ve been reaching for the most often lately is the IT Cosmetics CC Cream ($61). I’ve had this before and just recently repurchased it and fallen in love all over again. It definitely has more coverage than your average cc cream, but the texture and finish is so so nice.

I’ve been using the RMS Beauty “un”cover-up concealer ($52) for a few months now and I really love it. A lot of the time I’ll just use concealer as my base, and this works so nicely for that. It’s so light and creamy in texture, so it lays on top of the skin so nicely. Before I bought this I was using the Nars soft matte concealer, and this definitely isn’t as thick and high coverage as that, but I love the finish of it so much, and the way it just blends into the skin so seamlessly. Very good for that ‘no-makeup’ makeup look.

I have never understood how some people don’t powder their face, maybe it’s because my skin definitely needs to be set or the makeup I’ve put on will surely just slide right off. I absolutely love the dewy look, but I know that I could never leave my makeup not set with a powder, so I like to use something quite light so I can still try and achieve something similar. For the past while I’ve been using the Too Faced Born This Way Ethereal Setting Powder ($46). I always go for a translucent loose powder, and this one is really good. It’s lasted me quite a while too, which is what you want with products you use almost everyday.

If I’m doing this easy makeup I’ll usually not bother with blush or contour because the coverage is so light that the colour on my cheeks comes through, but I will always use highlighter. I’m running low on my Fenty Beauty highlighter ($50), because I’ve been using it a lot again lately. I love applying it with my beauty blender, it just seems to help it melt into the skin and look so glowy, but not at all like a massive stripe of highlight on my cheek. I use the duo in the shades Lightning Dust/Fire Crystal FYI.

I use one eyeshadow all through the crease and onto the lid, and I love a warm tan shade for this. My favourite one for quite a while actually is from the Nars Man Ray eyeshadow palette, which was limited edition unfortunately, but it is beautiful. I’m sure there are a bunch of colours out there that are similar, but this is just the one I’ve been loving lately and using almost everyday.

And the last step, and one that I’ll almost never miss, setting spray. I love MAC Fix+ ($36), and I know it’s not really for extending the wear of your makeup, but I love the way it just meshes all the powders and makeup together, and kind of helps them melt into your skin. I feel like I’ve constantly been repeating throughout this post that I love to look dewy and natural, and this is that final little step that just completes it.

some favourites right now – beauty

It has been a hot minute since I’ve talked about anything beauty related on here, so I thought that instead of shoving some more fashion content down your throat today I’d switch it up a little bit. I honestly think if I was a youtuber I would make a favourites video every month, mostly because I just love rambling on about things I’ve been loving so much, but because on here I’m putting my thoughts into writing I can definitely reign myself in a bit.

For at least the last month or two I’ve been stepping away from wearing much makeup. I love makeup so very much, but lately my skin seems to be just hating any makeup I’ve been putting on it and it’s just not seemed very happy so I thought I’d give it a much needed breather. Because of this I only have one makeup product that I wanted to talk about and that’s the E.L.F Baked Highlighters.

I have two shades; Moonlight Pearls, which is a perfect face highlight for my pale af skin, and also Apricot Glow, which I absolutely do not use on my face but makes such a beautiful light eyeshadow and looks amazing when you lay it on top of other shadows. I just feel like you can’t go wrong with these, they’re literally $10 each, and while they aren’t my absolute favourites, they’re definitely up there.

Moving into skincare, this is THE SHIT. One of my friends actually recommended this to me (shout out Ash), and I’ve been using it ever since. It removes all the dead skin from the top of your skin which is kind of disgusting, but also so satisfying. Your skin will feel so so smooth after using this, it’s amazing. Plus it’s so quick and easy to use because unlike a mask, you don’t have to leave this sitting on your skin, you just put it on and then start rubbing it off straight away.

This is one of those products I just really like having because while I’m not too sure what it does for my skin, I know my skin just seems to love it. This is basically an aerosol toner for oily skin, and it really just seems to work for me. Toners are a big thing for me, I can not do my skincare routine without using one. I usually use a different toner first on a cotton pad and wipe that all over my face and then I’ll go in with this one and just spray it on my face and let it soak in. I have combination, kind of oily skin which can definitely be prone to blemishes and I find that La Roche-Posay has a line of products that work so well for me.

After I give myself a very healthy spritzing with my toner, I’ll go in with moisturiser. I’m so upset because I loved this IT Cosmetics one so much and I went to repurchase it on the Sephora website but it’s just not on there. I bought it when I was in store but I really don’t go up to Sydney that often so I don’t know when I’m gonna be able to get my hands on another jar of this. This cream is probably one of the first moisturisers ever that my skin has really seemed to love, which is a tricky thing for me to find. Distraught that I don’t have a new one to dig into.

I am by no means a hair person, mine never looks particularly good, but this conditioner is really good in my books. My hair gets oily pretty quickly normally, and because I’m blonde and my hair is usually pretty silky and smooth you can tell, so heavy shampoos and conditioners do not go down well with me. This is like my perfect hair product, it’s purple to help neutralize any yellow tones, but mostly it’s the fact that it moisturises my hair and makes it feel so soft, but it doesn’t weigh it down and my hair doesn’t get greasy as fast because it’s pretty lightweight.

Lastly, my current most worn perfume, My Burberry Black. I always go for those kind of deeper, semi masculine scents over fresh or floral ones, and this one is sooooooo fcking good. I’m really bad at describing scents, but I looked this up and the base notes are amber and patchouli which explains why I love it so much. At the same time though it has this kind of sweet and feminine twist and I’m so in love with it.

november favourites 2017

I haven’t posted for a little while, but I’m back again now with my favourite things from november. Obviously, my number one fav from this month was andy and I’s little New Zealand trip, but I’ll share more of that once my film gets developed. But for now, I’ll start off with the best beauty goodies from the past month.

I’ve been trying to get my hands on the Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer for the longest time, but they’ve always been sold out in my shade (the lightest one). I finally snatched one up though at the end of october and I’ve used it every single day since then. I completely understand the hype around this concealer; it’s got really good coverage, blends into the skin beautifully, and has a wonderful finish that is just really smooth looking.

I am super pale, and sometimes I can have a hard time finding concealers that are actually light enough for my skin. I’ve got the shade Chantilly and it’s perfect for me. I use a little elf flat shadow packer brush to apply it from the little jar (my fingernails are too long and it’s just a hot mess if I don’t use a brush), and then blend it out with my beauty sponge. I hope I’m not speaking too soon but I think I’ve found my holy grail concealer.

The other makeup product I’ve been reaching for non-stop is the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Mood Exposure. This is one of my all-time favourite makeup bits. Hourglass powders as a general rule are all gorgeous, but this blush is my number one of all of them. It’s such a beautiful, natural mauve shade. Like all their powders, it’s so finely milled that it just blends and sits on the skin so nicely, and never looks cakey in the slightest. If I could only keep one of my blushes for some reason, this would be the one.

Lately, my skin hasn’t felt or looked it’s best, so I thought I’d try a couple of new bits from La Roche Posay and see if they’d help. I thought La Roche Posay would be a really good brand to try when my skin was acting up because their products seem very straightforward, get the job done sort of products.

This month the two products that I think have actually made a difference in my skin are both from the Effaclar range and are; the Purifying Foaming Gel and the Unclogging Purifying Sebo-Controlling Mask. They’re both made for oily sensitive skin, so they’re really gentle but still work very well on my skin. I’ve been using the face wash pretty much daily after I’ve taken off my makeup, and then the mask I’ve been using about 2-3 times a week.

Lastly, before I get on to my two fashion favourites, I want to talk about the Jo Malone fragrance that I spoke about in my what I bought in New Zealand post. This cost me a fortune. I’ve never spent close to this much on a perfume before, but honestly, in my eyes, this is worth every cent. It’s the Jo Malone Oud & Bergamot Cologne Intense and it is gorgeous. I’m shit at describing scents but I feel like it’s deep and kind of masculine, but also sexy at the same time. It also lasts amazingly on the skin, which is absolutely what you want when you’ve spent a crazy amount on your perfume.

My first fashion favourite this month is a pair of swimmers I bought closer to the start of the month and took over to NZ with me. They are the most amazingly me swimmers I’ve ever seen or owned. They’re an electric blue velvet one piece with a super low back. I saw them months ago but held back from buying them because it was still way to cold to think about going swimming, but I finally got them and I’m so glad I did.

Velvet is my thing. I love velvet so much and I own so many different pieces of clothing made from velvet, so of course when I saw swimmers I had to buy them. I’m not really a bikini kind of girl, I love one pieces so much more, especially when the back is super low. I think they’re so understatedly sexy, and I always feel much more confident in pieces like this than in a bikini. I’m obsessed.

Swimsuit: Blue Ruby by Bras N Things / Jeans: Rollas / Belt: Sportsgirl

And lucky last is the bag that I’ve used more than any other one this month. This bag is from Decjuba, but it is obviously a massive rip off of the Loewe puzzle bag, which I would love to own but I’m 19 and work in retail so it’s definitely out of my price range for handbags at this point in time. Anyhow, I used this bag as my carry on, and it was the only bag I took overseas with me. It fits quite a bit more than you would think in it too. I carried my SLR camera, a book, wallet, passport, disposable cameras, plus all my random beauty products and I was impressed that it hold all of that.

It’s just a safe bet too, I feel like it’s one of those bags that you can put with any outfit and it’ll look great but also hold all the goodies you need. It’s starting to wear out a bit, but considering it’s a $70 bag and I use it majority of days out of the week, I’m really not too fussed.

Jumpsuit: Kmart / Jacket: Absent (mens) / Shoes: Nude Footwear / Bag:  Decjuba

Since I’ve been getting my eyelash extensions done (which has probably been happening for about a month and a half, give or take) I’ve been into much simpler makeup, glowy skin and glossy lips. And with  my skin behaving pretty well too lately and the bit of a confidence boost that the lash extensions give me I’ve toned down my everyday makeup a little bit.

Firstly, powder. I’ll be the first to admit that I used to go a bit ham with the powders, however now that my skin has kind of chilled out on the oil and glowing, healthy skin is in I’ve definitely calmed down a lot. I know that I am incredibly late to the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder party, but now that I finally bit the bullet and spent $62 on a powder I completely 100% see why there’s so much fuss about it. It’s amazing. It sets my foundation and concealer wonderfully, and considering too that when I’m working my makeup has to endure an average of about 10 hours on my face, it makes it last and wear so much better.

Because I’ve been into lighter powder these days I only use the Laura Mercier powder in my t-zone where I’ll get oiliest, and then I’ve been dusting the rest of my face with the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Radiant Light. I bought this back when I was into very matte skin so I never got the use out of it, except now that I’ve gone back to it, I don’t want to stop using it. The concept of the whole Ambient Lighting range from Hourglass is really cool, and the execution of it is just as good. They’re so finely milled it’s insane, and they give the skin soft illusions somehow and look absolutely lovely.


I think I found my perfect primer in the Touch In Sol No Poreblem Primer. This smoothes the skin, feels hydrating and does such a good job of blurring pores all in one, while also extending the longevity of makeup. For what I want in a primer, this has it all. Makeup sits so well and looks so pretty on top of this. Unlike other pore filling/blurring primers the texture of this is much more of a liquid and therefore feels so much nicer to blend into the skin. I am in love, there is nothing about this primer I’m not liking.

If I’m talking about glowy skin there is no way I can skip mentioning the E.L.F Baked Highlighter in Moonlight Pearls.

This is my FAVOURITE highlighter. I like this better than my Becca one, my hourglass one, and any other high-end or affordable highlighter I’ve ever used. I’m not really into the whole super metallic highlighting trend, I prefer the kind of ‘lit from within’ more natural looking glow. This powder sits beautifully on the skin, and gives a slight almost wet look by just looking like its melted into every powder on you face so seamlessly. On top of all this it’ll only set you back $10, that’s one sixth the price of a Becca highlighter. Everyone needs this.

Now, onto eyes, and therefore my discovery of 3ina (mina). I’ve only tried a couple of the eye products so I can’t speak for the brand as a whole, but from what I have tried I am so impressed.

The Eyeshadow in 112 has been my go-to everyday shade ever since i bought it. It’s the perfect cool tone brown, which isn’t too dark or light. The quality is so so good for the price that you’re paying, the pigmentation is good and they’re super blendable.


Even though I love their powder eyeshadow’s for the easiest everyday makeup, their Cream Eyeshadow in 313 has honestly blown me away. It is absolutely stunning. These go on super smooth and once they set, they’re set in place all day. Crazy pigmented, and so gorgeous.

Like I said earlier in the post, I’ve been swapping out the matte and favouring really glossy, plump looking lips.

My top picks for this are firstly the Lanolips 101 Ointment Multi-Balm in Peach to hydrate and smooth my lips, and then on top the Too Faced Sweet Peach Creamy Peach Oil Lip Gloss in Papa Don’t Peach to add a little bit of colour and a lot of shine.


This lip gloss is pretty much perfect for just throwing on everyday when you want a little bit of something, but don’t wanna look too much. The colour is so lovely, and it hydrates really nicely considering it’s just a gloss. And both these products also smell (and taste) like peaches so that’s an added bonus for sure.

If you only take one thing away from this post, buy the ELF highlighter.

Emily x