the go to – winter edition

I think it’s definitely safe to say that throughout different seasons we all have a sort of go to look that we just seem to gravitate towards. For me, it always seems to be some sort of knit top or jumper and a pair of straight leg pants/jeans. This is so very different to the little dresses that I go for in the summer, but for winter clothing I seem to veer away from a lot of figure flattering clothing. I think some of this comes from me not feeling overly confident with my body at the moment, winter is notorious for comfort eating.

Skinny jeans are really not my thing anymore, I’ve really steered away from them over the past couple of years. Straight or slim leg styles are much more my thing these days. This pair are from ASOS own brand, and I really like them. They’re high waisted, super flattering on the bum and then go into a slim leg with a slightly frayed hem. They also have a button fly, which is a detail that I actually really like. I have these in two different washes, and for me they’re just such a good basic pair of jeans. The only thing to keep in mind though if you’re thinking of buying these jeans (they’re the ASOS Farleigh Slim Mom Jeans I think) or any other jeans from ASOS own brand, the sizing seems to run a bit small so I would recommend going a size up especially if you’re in between waist sizes.

Tight knit tops with ring pull zips are all over the place now and I love them, especially this one with the higher neck. And of course some of the best shoes you can own in my opinion, slip on checkered vans. But really these or any other old school vans are just a staple for your wardrobe, and they’re honestly good for all year round not just winter.

Top: H&M / Jeans: ASOS / Shoes: Vans / Belt: Warehouse

I love jeans and I wear them almost all the time, but sometimes I like to switch it up a little bit, and I love these pants that my sister found at salvos. They’re work pants from Hard Yakka, and they’re so easy to wear because obviously they’re black. These are in no way anywhere near as flattering as the ASOS jeans, but I just love how they look cinched in a bit at the waist with a belt and a top tucked in. While these are second hand pants, I’m sure there are so many just like it available on the market right now. I love this jumper, it’s old, I bought it last year but it’s the colours that I’m seriously in love with. I guess the colour combination is a bit ugly, but I think it’s one of those ones that surprisingly looks really good, and I think would look so good on so many different skin tones and shades.

And lastly, my beloved Doc Martens. I don’t really hear that many people talk about docs, but such a huge amount of people that I know and people I follow on instagram etc own them and love them. They’ve been around for so long maybe people aren’t as excited by them as they once were, but I would honestly say they might be the best pair of shoes I own. I’ve had mine for almost 5 years and to be honest they are not looking their finest, but I can’t bring myself to get rid of them and buy a new pair. They pretty much look good with everything, so they’re always my go to shoe if I’m not sure what to wear, and they’re so insanely comfortable once you’ve broken them in. I think I can honestly say that if for some reason I was only allowed one pair of shoes to wear for the rest of my life it would be these.

Jumper: Cotton On (old) / Pants: Vintage Hard Yakka / Shoes: Doc Martens / Belt: Warehouse

dressing down

One of my favourite things to do with clothing, especially in summer, is dress it down. I love taking pieces that are really meant to be worn for evenings, or semi-nice occasions, and bringing them down to a super casual level. The easiest way to do this, in my opinion, is just pairing dresses with trainers instead of something nicer.

This dress I bought to wear out on my 19th birthday, which I did and I loved it, but I haven’t worn it at all since. I think that mostly comes down to feeling like it was a dress that I would only wear if I was going out. To me, it just didn’t feel so much like a casual dress.

I feel like maybe a lot of that could come down to the fact that it’s velvet, and while I’m absolutely in love with velvet everything, sometimes it doesn’t feel just any random day is an occasion to wear a full velvet dress. My shoes as well are one of those things that I really love and don’t regret buying, but I just find that I don’t wear that much.

The shoes really do have a lot going on, and that’s one of the reasons I bought them in the first place. Firstly, I think stan smiths are such a good shoe anyway, so when I saw they had this limited edition that had both spots all over and velcro I couldn’t help myself. I just wish I wore them more, and especially with outfits other than jeans and a t-shirt.

Dress: Reverse / Shoes: Adidas / Sunnies: Le Specs

I like this outfit even more than the last one. The dress is pretty new, I only got it a couple of weeks ago, but still, it’s something I’ve only worn once so far. I’m honestly in love with this dress though. I think that the style and fit of it is just perfect, and I want it in a million different colours and patterns.

Last summer I was super obsessed with slip dresses, and styles like it, but this year I’m definitely getting into styles that are much more fitted and I think they’re really flattering. The colours on this dress suit me well (in my humble opinion), and I think plaid and checkering is something that’s always going to look cool.

I paired it with my regular stan smiths in the white and green colourway. I bought these probably about 2 years ago when everyone had either a pair of these or superstars, and I am so glad that the past me decided to get these over a pair of superstars. They’re super comfy, and you can wear them with pretty much anything.

I think the major thing that turned me off wearing them for a while was that they just wouldn’t wear out. I really like my shoes, especially trainers, to look a bit worn out, and the fact that this pair stayed so stark white for so long definitely wasn’t something I was in to. But I’ve kind of got over it, and they have worn out a bit since I first got them, but I guess the fact it’s been something hard to achieve is a testament to how well they wear.

Dress: Beyond Her / Shoes: Adidas / Sunnies: Vintage

And last but definitely not least, is my new favourite outfit. I can not wait to wear this all through summer. The dress I only bought yesterday, which is when I shot these photos, and I’m already obsessed. It’s from Bardot, which is somewhere I honestly never shop, so I was surprised when I saw it and decided I had to have it.

In my eyes, I think it’s very reminiscent of certain Realisation Par dresses, which is probably part of the reason I was so attracted to it in the first place. I love all the detail. The frilly straps are so cute, and the little dots (I feel like the name of them has something to do with dobby, but I don’t know for sure so I won’t commit to that) add a bit of texture. Plus it’s a gorgeous bright red.

And of course, I couldn’t not include an outfit in this post that had my checkered vans in it. I love these shoes so very much. They could be worn with almost any dress, and just take it down a level and make it such a cool outfit. I feel like I’ve gone on quite a bit already in previous posts about these shoes but it’s so hard to stop myself from talking about them.

I think they’re one of those classic pairs of shoes, that even if they aren’t in style anymore, I’ll still love and wear to death. But I also think they’re one of those items that if they happen to go out of style, eventually they’ll come back in again.

Dress: Bardot / Shoes: Vans / Sunnies: Rubi Shoes

P.S. I’m going to New Zealand tomorrow and I doubt I’ll post anything until I get back, so bear with me because I’m sure I’ll have lots of lovely pics to share on here.

_MG_6790Recently I bought myself a pair of checkered slip-on Vans and ever since I got them I’ve barely worn any other shoes. At first I thought they may be a bit difficult to style with outfits that aren’t completely boring otherwise but I’ve loved putting them with a bunch of different looks. So here I’ve put together a couple of my favourite outfits to wear them with, that I think are a bit more fun and interesting than just your standard t-shirt and jeans.

First though, a little on the shoes themselves. These shoes are so very comfortable. Before purchasing these I hadn’t owned a pair of Vans in probably around 4 years but I always remembered what comfy shoes they were. They don’t have to be broken in at all, they are so nice to wear from the day you buy them until the day they fall apart. I had been tossing up between this pair of vans and the old school style, and even though I love how the old school ones look I am so happy with my decision to buy these checkered ones. The fact that they’re slip-on was also a massive selling point for my lazy self. All in all I would 100% tell anyone who is considering buying a pair of Vans (whichever style) to go for it.

LOOK 1: Stripes

The first look I want to talk about is clashing with stripes. I love pattern clashing, and in my opinion stripes and checks look so cool when they’re paired together. I think it works nicest if you stick with black and white on both patterns instead of putting colour into the mix as well.


I also really like doing this look with cream and off-white tones. It makes the outfit as a whole look warmer, whereas if you did the look the same but used more true whites it would a lot more stark. I think these tones flatter my hair colour at the moment which is also always a plus.

Outfit Details:

Jacket is thrifted

Top is Kmart

Skirt is Lulu & Rose

LOOK 2: Colour Blocking


On the whole I feel like the whole colour blocking trend has had it’s time, I am so into the more recent trend of blocking red and pink together.

Taking these two colours that aren’t usually paired together makes such a cool combination in my eyes, and while this outfit is traditionally pretty basic (just being a t-shirt and pair of jeans), the red and pink makes it just that little bit more interesting and fun. I just am super into how this looks with my Vans, I think everything put together all compliments each other so well.


Outfit Details:

T-shirt and belt are from Kmart

Jeans are Missguided

Sunglasses are Decjuba

LOOK 3: Double Checks

The last look and my personal favourite, is pairing checks with more checks. Even though this is still kind of pattern clashing (like the first look), I think doing double checks looks so good and different in the way that is more like repetition than just basic clashing.


Because the focus of this outfit is once again on the patterns, I’ve kept the colours pretty neutral so I don’t take much away from that.

Also, I am absolutely in love with this blazer. I love how put together but still effortless it looks being the longline style that it is, just thrown on over a skirt and t-shirt. The brand is Jaeger (which is a relatively expensive brand) but I was lucky enough to find this in an op-shop which I was honestly so ecstatic about. Even though the jacket is thrifted, I’m pretty sure that is style is quite classic for the brand so something similar would still be available.

Outfit Details:

Jacket is Jaeger (thrifted)

T-shirt is Kmart

Skirt is Zara

Sunglasses are Decjuba


I also need to give a quick shoutout to my gorgeous and most helpful friend Ash for taking these photos for me, lots of love

Hope you enjoyed reading this, love emily. x